Different Types of Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Your skin is an important part of your body. It is also a major factor contributing to a positive and happy psyche. The healthier your skin is, the happier you feel.

Healthy and wrinkle-free skin makes you feel young and confident.

However, with ageing, your skin becomes less elastic and wrinkled. Wrinkles are the creases formed on your skin and are prominent in sun-exposed skin areas like the face, forearms, neck, arms, etc.

Different Types of Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • Causes of wrinkles


  • Wrinkles are a consequence of fragile skin. You get wrinkles when your skin loses elasticity, and the secretion of natural skin oil is reduced.
  • Wrinkles are a common appearance that comes naturally with ageing.
  • Exposure to UV light.
  • Smoking.
  • Repeated facial expressions.


Everybody wants skin that is smooth and makes you look young. You cannot help growing old, but you can reduce wrinkles and look. How? Well, here is your answer.


  • Anti-wrinkle treatments.


Anti-wrinkle treatments help you to reduce wrinkles and it repairs the ageing skin. This treatment allows you with under-eye wrinkles, deep wrinkles, and creases. You can achieve the desired smooth and wrinkle-free skin with such treatments.


When you look young, you feel young and confident. Kudos to a youthful you!


There are different types of Anti-wrinkle treatments available. Are you wondering which one you should opt for? We have your back.


Here are different types of anti-wrinkle treatments for you to choose from.


From the various treatments, decide which one is suitable for your skin type by asking a dermatologist.


Laser therapy. This treatment helps to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, etc.

There are two types of laser therapy,

  • CO2 laser resurfacing: This method uses ultra-pulse. A continuous beam of light removes a thin layer of skin with minimal heat damage.
  • Erbium laser resurfacing: This method helps to reduce the surface-level and moderately deep lines and wrinkles. The recovery period in this is faster than the CO2 method.

Both these methods may have temporary side effects depending on your skin type.

Other laser skin resurfacing methods include Pulse Dye laser, fractional laser, intense pulse light, etc.

Chemical peels. This method helps you with fine lines, sunburn, mild scars, age spots, freckles, etc. Chemical solutions like salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, etc., are applied to the affected area of your skin and, after a certain period, peeled off. New skin resurfaces after the treatment. You may feel a burning sensation after the treatment.

Dermabrasion. This helps remove acne, tissue irregularities, and scarring. In this treatment, a handheld device is used to peel away layers of skin. This treatment is invasive and can take hours to complete depending upon the need of the patient. This triggers the growth of new skin cells. The recovery period is ten to fourteen days. You may have temporary irritation and swollen skin.

Injection therapy. In this treatment, the medicine Botox is used. Botox is injected into the skin with wrinkles. This medicine blocks the chemical signals that cause muscle contractions that result in wrinkles. The effect of this treatment lasts for 3 to 4 months. After that, the muscles become active again. You may feel temporary redness stinging around the injection site after treatment.

Light therapy. The light therapy treatment uses exposure daylight of artificial light of certain wavelengths. It is also referred to as phototherapy or heliotherapy. It helps to reduce wrinkles, scars, acne, and redness. In addition, this treatment increases your skin’s elasticity and improves blood circulation in tissues.  If you are interested in getting this treatment done, then consult experts from companies like medicalaesthetic.com.au.



Fillers. In this treatment, the idea is to fill in and lift the skin affected by wrinkles. Folds around the nose, chin, mouth are most commonly treated with this treatment. The effect of this treatment lasts till 4-6 months. There can be bruising, swelling and pain after the treatment.

Facelift. This method is used to tighten the muscular and connective tissue layers of the skin. It is a surgical process in which excess skin and fat are removed from the face and neck. The effect lasts as long as 7 to 10 years!


All these anti-wrinkle treatments help you reduce wrinkles and improve your skin quality resulting in smooth, flawless, and young skin.


In all the treatments and therapies, there are potential adverse effects involved. Hence it is recommended to think carefully, consult an expert and exercise the necessary cautions while taking any skin treatment.

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