Key Things to Know About Naturally Extracted TobaccoKey Things to Know About Naturally Extracted Tobacco

Vaping gives users the opportunity to select their preferred e-liquid taste and even adjust the nicotine strength to their liking. This includes the option for nicotine-free e-juices, which is perfect for those who vape for enjoyment, to produce large vapor clouds, or as a way to socialize with friends. Tobacco is among the flavors available to users, and it’s particularly popular with individuals who have turned to vaping as a means to quit smoking. The tobacco essence, combined with the ability to customize nicotine levels, provides former smokers with the satisfaction they once derived from traditional cigarettes, but in a way that’s less dangerous since it eliminates the need to burn tobacco. Burning tobacco releases numerous harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide and tar.

A look at naturally extracted tobacco

While vapers have a myriad of available tobacco flavours to choose from, they are all not created equal. Despite all the e-juices containing vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), alongside flavourings, the way the flavour was obtained makes all the difference. Typically, the flavour may come from artificial or naturally extracted substances, and which one it is makes a massive difference to the end-product.

For tobacco-flavoured e-juice, there are naturally extracted tobacco and artificially extracted tobacco options. Vapers can choose any of the two options, but the taste and quality differ. The naturally extracted tobacco e-juice has a rich tobacco taste and aroma and gives the users an excellent experience. Conversely, the artificially flavoured tobacco e-juice made from factory-produced flavourings is more of an imitation of an e-juice tobacco extract.

To get a good understanding of naturally extracted tobacco e-juice, compare a strawberry milkshake containing actual strawberries and strawberry ice cream or a lollipop. While the milkshake tastes like the real fruit and has a flavourful tang and sweetness unique to strawberries, the lollipops or ice cream don’t really taste like real strawberries. Because of that, those who need to enjoy the authentic tobacco flavour should buy naturally extracted tobacco. And to get the best taste, they should purchase naturally extracted tobacco at ePuffer because the company is the leader in producing vape supplies.

The making of the naturally extracted tobacco

When vapers enjoy the flavorful e-juice tobacco extract, the chances are that they rarely care how the excellent e-liquid was made. The preparation of the flavour starts with tobacco leaves. The leaves are then chopped and soaked in VG and PG for flavour extraction. The process of steeping the tobacco leaves in solvents is known as maceration. During maceration, the naturally extracted tobacco producers may heat the mixture to make the process quicker or use the slower cold maceration technique. The cold maceration technique retains most of the tobacco flavour’s district taste and complexity.

Heating the mixture of tobacco leaves and solvents during maceration tampers with the taste due to the hordes that emanate from the combustion. However, the slow cold maceration produces a high-quality flavour capturing the essence and taste of fresh tobacco. Besides, naturally extracted tobacco from using cold maceration preserves the unique character of the tobacco variety used.

Reasons to Choose tobacco flavour from the natural extraction

While making the naturally extracted tobacco flavour is straightforward, it is not so clear what goes into manufacturing the artificial flavours that try to imitate the natural flavours. The manufacturers may mix any number of natural or man-made chemicals to produce the desired products. Unfortunately, they may use some harmful chemicals, which could pose health problems for vapers. Due to such risks, using naturally extracted tobacco e-juice is the best and safe option. Besides, the users enjoy a natural taste that satisfies their tobacco and nicotine cravings.


Although naturally extracted tobacco is more costly than artificial tobacco flavours, they are worth your money and give you an excellent taste and experience. They are also safer since there are no unhealthy additives used.

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