Best Cricket Games for Android Phones

India is one of the world’s most massive mobile gaming markets. Estimates put the number of mobile gamers in the country at around 330 million, with 40 million new players set to explore this genre in 2024. Naturally, many mobile game developers aim to cater to this growing market by churning out titles that appeal to Indian players. Thus, there is a sizeable supply of cricket games up on Google Play to choose from if one is a fan of India’s favorite pastime.

This sport’s popularity has recently skyrocketed due to mobile betting platforms such as Sportsbet cricket starting to accept in-play wagers and offering the option to bet on virtual matches.  Currently, cricket’s global fan base hovers around 2.5 billion, with internet sportsbooks and mobile games fueling it to reach the 3 billion mark sometime soon. Thus, why not review the best cricket games from Android users, which mobile gamers can enjoy today before another slew of options makes its way onto Google Play.

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is a cartoony game that features surprisingly terrific gameplay. It let you captain a T20 cricket team to glory by allowing you to show off your managerial prowess and your bowling and batting skills. There are over seventy teams to choose from in this Stick Cricket Super League, and you can negotiate seasonal contracts with new players to boost your squad to rearrange your team roster to your liking. The league system here is excellent, and things can get super addictive fast. Some players complain that it needs a desperate update but admit that it is still oodles of fun in its current form.

Real Cricket 20

If the cell-shading graphics of Stick Super League put you off, and you want life-like 3D models, Real Cricket 20 is the game for you. In all honesty, it tries a bit too hard to emulate the feel of an Electronic Arts product. Nevertheless, many players love that, so to each his own. Nautilus Mobile developed Real Cricket 20, the same company responsible for all titles in this series, including Aussie 20-20 BASH. It focuses on simulation gameplay that aims to mimic the look and feel of real cricket matches. The game features authentic stadiums and has a road to world cup money. It also allows players to play through the eyes of the batsman through a pro cam feature.

Epic Cricket – Big League Game

You may have heard of Nazara Games. They are the developer behind the Ludo Game 2019 for Android phones at the Carrom Clash Realtime Multiplayer Free Board Game. Their cricket one is a collaboration with Moong Labs that features high-quality 3D visuals. These are not on par with Real Cricket 20, but they are still pretty decent. Epic Cricket has live match commentary, top-ranked nations, and a vast repertoire of bowling and batting styles. Thus, you can use things like helicopter shots and reverse sweeps in this game. It is a quality sports romp that should provide hours of entertainment.

World Cricket Championship 3

The first game in the Nextwave Multimedia franchise titled World Cricket Championship got released in 2011. The second one first hit the Microsoft Store in 2016, and the third game got launched in September of 2020. The latter is the one we are focusing on here, as it is the most recent addition to the series. It features professional commentary from former cricketers in three different languages, and it won the Google Play user choice award in 2020. World Cricket Championship 3 utilizes real-time motion capture to provide a genuine feel to its gameplay. It also incorporates cricket grounds of different dimensions, which is super unique for a mobile cricket game.

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