The Benefits of Having Clear Aligners

The idea of clear aligners emerged a few years back, and since their introduction, they’ve transformed into the modern method for achieving straighter, more attractive teeth. Clear aligners function similarly to traditional metal braces, yet they offer several distinct advantages over their metal counterparts. Should you be considering braces or if your dentist has recommended them, here are some remarkable advantages of opting for clear aligners.

Give you straighter teeth

One of the first, and probably most obvious benefits, of having clear aligners is that they give you straighter teeth. Not only are clear aligners great for straightening your teeth, but they are also great for correcting any teeth that are crooked or irregularly gapped. They also have the ability to correct underbites, meaning they do a fantastic job at straightening all types of teeth. Clear aligners at ALIGNERCO make it easy to get straighter looking teeth easily. The first step in getting clear aligners is to order an impression kit, which involves getting a mould of your teeth. This is easy to do from the comfort of your own home and does not hurt at all. Once you have got an impression of your teeth, a set of clear aligners will be made specifically for you. These aligners are customised as it ensures they that fit your teeth perfectly and feel comfortable while in your mouth. Once you have got your clear aligners it is time for them to do their job, and you’ll notice your teeth looking straighter in no time.

Much quicker than regular braces

Another fantastic benefit of having clear aligners is they are quick and effective. Clear braces are known to straighten teeth in nearly half the time that traditional metal braces do. On average traditional braces can take anywhere between 12 and 18 months to correct someone’s teeth, but in some cases, regular metal braces are known to take up to nearly 24 months to straighten a set of teeth. Clear aligners work in half the time of traditional braces, and only take from 6 to 12 months to show results of straighter teeth. This proves just how quick and effective they are.


One of the greatest benefits that clear aligners have to offer is that they are completely discreet when they are on your teeth. Clear aligners are made from a transparent plastic, meaning they are barely visible while you are wearing them. Seeing as they are completely clear and transparent, it means that clear aligners are a great option if your need braces but are embarrassed about getting them. Traditional braces are made from metal and are completely visible on your teeth, meaning they are easily noticed. Many teens and adults are required to get braces throughout their lives but are embarrassed about how they will look with them. Therefore, clear aligners are a great option for those who need braces to correct their teeth, without giving them the look of wearing braces.


As well as being discreet and barely even noticeable while on your teeth, clear aligners are also extremely comfortable. As previously mentioned, clear aligners are made specifically to the shape and size of your teeth. Because these clear aligners are specially designed to fit your teeth, it means that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Traditional metal braces are known for being uncomfortable and can even cause a lot of pain, but this is definitely not the case with clear aligners. Although they can feel slightly tight at first, they will soon start to feel more comfortable, you will barely even notice that you have them on your teeth. They are that comfortable that many people even wear them every hour of the day, even while they are asleep. Night time clear aligners are extremely comfortable and means you can straighten your teeth even while you sleep.


Another fantastic benefit of clear aligners is that they are completely removable. Unlike traditional metal braces, that can only be removed by a dentist or an orthodontist, clear aligners are easy to remove. Seeing as they are removable, it means that you can take them out while you eat and drink. Taking your clear aligners out while you eat and drink will prevent them from getting stained or even damaged. Once you have finished you can brush your teeth and easily pop the aligners back into your mouth without any hassle. Because the aligners are completely removable it means that they are easy to clean and take care of. Traditional braces are difficult to clean and often get pieces of food stuck in them which are hard to remove, whereas with clear aligners, it is so easy. To clean your aligners all you have to do it brush them lightly with warm water and some toothpaste. Once you have cleaned them, just pat them dry and they’ll be ready for you to wear again.

Improve your dental health and wellness

Seeing as clear aligners are completely removable, it means you can continue to brush and care for your teeth as you usually would. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, which is easily done with clear aligners, greatly improves your dental health and wellness. Having healthy teeth, gums and mouth is extremely beneficial as it prevents you from getting any dental related problems. These issues could include cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and in extreme cases oral cancer. It is extremely important that you look after your dental and oral health, therefore having braces should not stop you from doing so. Having clear aligners makes it easy for you to brush your teeth twice a day, making sure that you keep on top of your dental health and wellness.

Less visits to the dentist

Another great benefit of having clear aligners over regular metal braces, is that they require less visits to the dentist. When you have traditional metal braces you are required to visit your dentist for regular check-ups. Although this allows your dentist to check the process of your teeth straightening and allows them to make any adjustments that are needed, regularly visiting your dentist can be time consuming and sometimes unnecessary. When you have clear aligners, it means you only have to visit your dentist once every six to eight weeks. All you need to do is replace the clear aligner trays with a new set at the end of their course. Each set of clear aligners are worn for two weeks at a time. This means at the end of the two weeks; all you need to do is switch them out for the next tray in the series.


In conclusion, it is clear to see that there are some incredible benefits to having clear aligners, over traditional metal braces. Not only do clear aligners give you straighter teeth, but they are discreet, comfortable, and easy to remove and keep clean. Therefore, if you are needing to get braces, but don’t want to go through any discomfort or dislike the appearance of traditional metal braces, then clean aligners are a great option for you.

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