3 Cooking Trends To Look Out For In The Coming Year

Food delivery companies and restaurants increased their orders of plant-based foods and wellness products in 2023. This is likely to continue into 2023, particularly early in the year when more people try out new diets and exercise programs. There is also likely to be an increase in people trying to strengthen their immune systems using nutritional food. What other food and cooking trends are we likely to see over the coming year?

Comfort Food

As the world begins to go back to normality, people are likely to be looking for their favorite comfort foods when dining in and out. Restaurants are likely to offer customers more feel-good food to give people a feeling of warmth during difficult times. As a result, simple dishes are likely to be on the menu, such as traditional curries and hearty stews. Many people will continue to experiment at home by trying new spices and recipe substitutions to create tastier, healthier cuisine. Breakfast has also made a comeback due to the number of people working from home or commuting less. Sweet has often replaced savory at breakfast and lunch, with people gaining more time in the morning to whip up some pancakes or waffles.

Delivery Services

Demand for delivery services is expected to grow by 40% this year, with many restaurants offering everything from comfort food to alcohol. Many people are enjoying trying out different meal kit delivery services, which offer recipe ideas and ingredients to budding chefs. Those with busy schedules are likely to choose home delivery services while eating out is not an option, as are busy parents and people with disabilities. As there is increasing demand, restaurants and take away services are likely to offer more options to customers, particularly those with dietary requirements. This is also ideal for those who want to experiment with new meal choices, such as gluten-free or vegan options.

Eco-Conscious Cooking

As more people are cooking at home, more are finding eco-friendly ways to cook, as well as save energy. A portable induction hob is an environmentally friendly option that many householders are now looking into, as less heat is lost to the surrounding environment and more heat is transferred directly into the pot. Induction hobs are also less messy, and cooking is fast. This is an ideal option, for those who are looking to cook a quick meal on the stove. Similarly, slow cookers, or crockpots, use very little energy as they do not require high temperatures to cook the meal. Crockpots are ideal for those who like a hearty meal waiting for them when they return from work, or for those who have time to prepare the meal ingredients the evening before.

Many are looking to expand their cooking knowledge by taking virtual cooking classes and sharing recipes online. It is likely that this will continue throughout 2023 until restaurants can open regularly and people can taste new and innovative recipes.

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