Instant Internal Money Transfers for Businesses and Merchants

When thinking about international money transfers, people imagine long waiting periods and inconvenient transaction forms that need to be filled. However, with these modern money transfers, your funds will be delivered instantly to another Genome account. To transfer money quickly, safely, and conveniently, all you need to do is to open a bank online account. This is a perfect solution for business people, merchants, and individuals that want to make money transfers to other countries without issues.

The Advantages of Having a Bank Online Account at Genome

It is highly recommended for international companies to open an account with Genome because of its versatility and accessibility. Here are some of the key benefits of having an eWallet for your business:

  • Accessible money transfers – it is possible to make an internal money transfer after entering a single parameter for more convenience. It is not required to fill in all the transaction data to deliver funds to another bank online account within Genome;
  • Easy tracking – each money transaction via your eWallet can be tracked easily via the IBAN. This also adds to the security of every transaction;
  • Security measures – each payment is heavily coded to ensure maximum safety and eliminate possible issues that can occur due to the language barriers;
  • Multiple currencies in one wallet – open account to benefit from transfers in USD, GBP, and EUR all in one place.

Money transfers using this system are truly swift and simple. In just a few steps you should be able to transfer a specific sum of money to another Genome account. Here is how it can be done:

  1. Create a new account and log into it using your user information;
  2. Choose a specific wallet you want to transfer funds from;
  3. Choose an account that you want to transfer money to by inserting one of its details, such as IBAN, e-mail, account ID, or other;
  4. Enjoy an instant internal money transfer.

And this is how international money transfers should be done. Quick and simple, because time is money. All registered and verified users and businesses can also utilize SEPA transactions. It is possible to choose the best payment option for your business needs.

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