Why is Coliving Attractive

Life in a big city requires not only permanent housing, but also communication with interesting and useful people. Shared living nyc is becoming the option that combines living in inexpensive apartments and communicating with people who have similar hobbies.

What are the Benefits?

There are several factors that really give coliving an advantage.

Lower Rental Cost

The cost of colliving is often less than renting all or part of the apartment. This price also includes a workplace, utilities, regular cleaning and other expenses.

No Work Schedule

In coliving, people work at any time of the day. You are not tied to a work schedule. Of course, such a routine is not suitable for any profession. But it will allow you to maintain creativity, inspiration and working mood.


Travel Opportunity

When moving to another city or country, it is important to find convenient and comfortable accommodation. Indeed, in large cities, short-term rental options (1-3 months) can be quite difficult to find.

Exchange of Experience and Communication

Coliving can accommodate from ten to hundreds of people. Various professions, companies and life views. It is a great atmosphere for finding new ideas and setting ambitious goals. Well, it’s much easier to make acquaintances when you work in the same room. Coliving companies often sponsor and conduct master classes, lectures, social projects and other joint activities.


Given these advantages, coliving is a great alternative to renting an apartment for two or three people.


Varieties of Coliving

Collivings are conditionally divided according to the following factors:


  • location – in the central areas of the city, the suburbs of megacities, residential complexes and converted industrial buildings;
  • dimensions.

And also rent calculation – depending on the coliving, the price, in addition to the rent, may include utilities, furniture and appliances of your choice, bedding and toiletries, gym or pool services.


How Does Coliving Work?

A place to live, work and socialize is arranged in different types of real estate. These can be converted non-residential buildings, floors in high-rise buildings, mansions in suburban or rural areas, multi-level or large apartments. Each resident rents one room, less often one for two, with a clear zoning. As a rule, this is a small-sized housing, but thoughtful and comfortable. The room has been renovated, there is the necessary furniture and household appliances – some coliving even allow you to choose the color and shape of the sofa or the brand of the electric kettle.


The remaining premises in the coliving are for general use. These include dining rooms, kitchens, gym, laundry and workspace. Bathrooms are both common and private. The cleaning of the premises is carried out by hired workers. Colivings try to maintain their status and interest among the residents. Therefore, recreation areas are arranged here (table tennis or football tables, game consoles, books). Various events are also held in coliving: reports, lectures, conferences, holidays, volunteer projects.

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