What’s The Difference Between A Collision And An Accident?

Many individuals assume that an accident and a collision are synonymous. Yet, this perspective is completely incorrect. The key distinction lies in the fact that in a collision, there is no attribution of fault, whereas in an accident, there is.

Although this view is subjective, it depends on the words you use or even the words your lawyer uses. It is highly important to know the correct meaning behind each word given you have to know the aftermath of a collision or even an accident. Here is why knowing the difference is important:

1.  Collision or accident – which one is it?

The accident is a word that many insurance companies use to mislead their clients, which is why it is vital to know the correct difference, so you are safe from the shackles of manipulative insurance companies and their tactics. In essence, an accident is deemed as a mistake, a lapse in the judgment of a driver, and a misfortune.

On the other hand, a collision is something that results in damage to property or life. In most cases, accidents can be termed as collisions; however, it is dependent on the severity of the situation and damage plus the intent and other circumstances that lead to the incident or surround it.

2.  The role of a car accident lawyer:

The need for an attorney seriously arises when you or your loved one has been hurt in a serious incident. This is important because when it comes to insurance claiming it for either purpose, there can always be misleading information given to you by your insurance company.

Namely, very few law firms take on a case and fight it in a just and solid manner. Most law firms will cover many or more of the same things. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Hollywood, FL, then you should know the common things covered. And these include:

•      Medical bills covered:

Medical expenditures, including any operations, doctor visits, prescriptions, equipment for mobility purposes and assisting, and any future costs connected to your accident, must be paid.

•      Compensation for the days you miss from employment:

Law firms will also look at the future and current loss of earnings surrounding this incident and claim for that amount as well. This will allow you to cover extra expenses and provide for yourself when it comes to managing household chores and more.

•      Damage to property:

This will include the costs of repairs and replacements that are needed in your vehicle

•      Compensation for injuries and suffering:

This include the physical and emotional toll that the accident and subsequent injuries have caused for you and your family. This will allow your loved ones to justly cover the expenses of any PTSD claims and suffering to their minds.

•      Damages that could have been for the other party:

This is usually covered in very extreme cases where intentional actions result in an accident

3.  The main causes of most car accidents in Hollywood, Florida:

It is extremely vital to know the main reasons why car accidents occur in the city. This is important because it can help you in being a safe plus, if you ever have to face an incident, you can claim for the purpose. Here are the main causes of crashes and accidents:

  •       Driving at or over the designated limit for speed
  •       Distracted driving induced by a telephone, a passenger, a radio, or anything else in question
  •       Failure to comply with traffic regulations, including signals, road laws, and other compliances
  •       Driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  •       Failure to come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign
  •       Driving while weary or exhausted is prohibited for safety purposes
  •       Unacquaintance with a rented automobile
  •       Unfavorable weather or poor road conditions
  •       Elderly Drivers or Snowbirds who are unfamiliar with local roads or legislation
  •       Inadequate or faulty traffic lights
  •       Traffic signs or signals that are obscured
  •       Difficult-to-read road signs that can often lead to confusion and cause off-roading or unintentional breaking of laws
  •       Electric Scooter users on roads are often difficult to notice

4.  The difference you need to know between collision insurance and comprehensive car insurance:

When put together, these two fall under auto insurance which basically covers the protection you require when your vehicle is damaged. However, the main difference arises in the type of damages that these two insurances cover. Here is a description of each type of insurance:

  •       Insurance for collision covers the damage caused to your vehicle property, given it is involved in an accident or collision with another vehicle. This can include repairs or managing a full replacement of any parts in your vehicle.
  •       Comprehensive auto car insurance is the claim that will cover payment for damages that result from events that are not collision or accident-related, for instance, theft of your vehicle or any things inside of your vehicle.

In a few cases, comprehensive car insurance will also cover the incidents that are not covered by collision insurance.

5.  The common car accident injuries are covered

Injuries that are a result of car accidents or collisions can cause different degrees of pain or even hinder your movement and cause your mobility issues. Some of the most common issues and injuries that people in Hollywood, Florida, have faced include:

  •       Broken bones or limbs
  •       Burns of various degrees
  •       Bruises and cuts
  •       Sprains and strains to ligaments
  •       Head injuries
  •       Degrees of traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  •       Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries (SCI)
  •       Injuries to the wrists, knees, elbows, and other parts
  •       Injuries and damage to your internal organs

Therefore, it is better to know whether your car has been involved in an accident or a collision. In addition to this, it will also allow you to fairly distinguish the claims and be safe from any misleading information that your insurance company can feed you, resulting in lower claims being filed.

So, if you want to be safe and want to make sure that in case of any incidents in the future, you need to know the correct terminology that can protect you from any misleading information, plus you can always get the true value of your claims and get compensated in the most convenient way possible.


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