Using Tech To Keep Your Aquarium Sparkling

Fish are often thought of as low-maintenance pets, but those with experience know they require careful attention due to their surprisingly complex needs. A major risk to their health and survival is substandard water conditions and tank contaminations, as outlined by The Spruce. Therefore, maintaining your aquarium in pristine condition is essential for their health. Fortunately, this task has become significantly easier with the development of digital technology.


Managing infestation


Infestations, in particular, are a way to quickly see a decline in fish health. More frequently than not, infestations are caused by detritus worms, or naididae. According to a ScienceDirect overview, these parasites are widespread and usually innocuous. In fact, they help to clean a fish tank and maintain the ecosystem within it. However, a detritus worm infection can soon cause perilous imbalances inside the tank and lead to serious harm. Managing an infestation is best done through gravel vacuums, and advances in technology mean you can now obtain vacuums that will do a fantastic job of cleaning substrate without disturbing it and changing a carefully ordered marine environment.


Filtering water


For very simple aquariums, a simple change of water is often effective for cleaning. However, this can get rid of helpful ecological matter that give your fish tank its own character and a distinct experience for the fish. Advanced water pumps and filters seek to remedy this. In terms of pure water quality, they can assist by having micro-controlled cycles and filters that seek to disperse helpful matter back into the tank. With sensors, you can take this up another notch.


Delicate sensors


Rate My Fishtank have highlighted the ‘smart’ tech on offer that have reverse osmosis, and can filter food, nitrates, and other supplements into water while effectively cleaning the dirty water out in an efficient manner. While not all filters are quite as sophisticated, looking for a smart sensor powered option is a great way to keep the water consistently high quality.


Bringing these factors together will give you a smart-tech powered super-tank. Your fish will experience absolute perfect conditions, and you’ll be the first to know if there are any emerging issues. If you have the time, money and knowledge, invest in these technologies – you’ll be rewarded by long-lived and very happy fish friends.

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