Trendy Tips of Wearing Long Skirts if You’re Short

Discussing the newest fashion trends is crucial, especially for those who find it challenging to select the right attire. Traditionally, petite women often sported denim flared jeans paired with tops, a combination regarded as highly fashionable. There was a prevailing notion that girls of shorter stature couldn’t pull off a chic look in long dresses or maxi styles. However, the current fashion landscape has evolved, allowing those on the shorter side to embrace long skirts and maxis in a variety of styles.

It has been observed that short women like to wear shorter miniskirts because it shows the legs longer. But the long maxi dresses are trendy such as long bohemian dresses, next petite skirts, Amazon long skirts, and many others. Always go with the fashion trends is a wise decision but short girls think a lot before wearing long dresses. The online stylist shares the different ways of wearing long dresses if you’re short. Click on the link to find the latest collection of skirts and long dresses.

It sounds very odd if someone says that long maxi only suits the tallest girls rather than the shortest. Indeed, the maxi or long skirts tends to be the cutest version of sweatpants. Here are some of the trendy and stylish tips of wearing a long maxi, or petite skirt if you’re short.

Be selective with prints

Wearing printing skirts is fun and tends to be a great way to include the graphic tee outfit. But the selection of print matters a lot. You should be selective while choosing the print of the skirt. Wearing prints is a way that breaks up the body portions naturally. The choppy, large, and horizontal prints are the best for a long skirt. Always choose those colors in which you feel comfortable because colors affect your mood. In long dresses, you can consider the long bohemian dresses because it contains some specific patterns. But with a printing skirt, you must wear the single tone plain top. Moreover, small and vertical prints can be best with plain color tops. It is better to choose prints that contain 1-3 tones because it makes your appearance cohesive.

Be intentional with your heels

If you have short height and want to wear maxi skirts. Heels always give the boost in long skirts, and your height looks perfect with it. But always choose the heels that will match your skin tones. It gives a natural look to your outfit, and you look more confident, sophisticated, and elegant. Strappy heels with long skirts look perfect, and you can appear your legs conveniently. When you choose the heels of your skin tones, it doesn’t catch the eyes immediately.

Snatch the waist  

Mostly, you can get the optional belt with long maxi dresses. But the better option is to choose the thin rope belt or black thin belt. The benefits of using a thin belt are that it doesn’t distract the division in your outfit. Keep in mind that wears the belt at the smallest part. In this way, your lowest part will appear longer, and you’ll look perfect.

Choose a Maxi with flowy material

If you are short in height and want to wear the long maxi, you should consider the flowy material for the skirt. Stiff material doesn’t suit the petite figures, and it does not show the appropriate shape of the body. It is primitive to choose the fabric according to your height and the shape of the body. The flowy material always gives the classy and beautiful look to short height girls.

Wear fitted tops with long skirts

A crop top looks amazing, and it is fun to wear, but it does not suit with maxi on short heightened girls. Wearing a fitted top is better to maintain the balance of the skirt. In this way, you can highlight the waist and look a little longer. If you want to give the perfect look to the outfit, a fitted top with ankle length long skirts can be a good option for you.

Splits and asymmetrical hems can be the best 

Here we are discussing some ways of wearing long maxi or skirts if you are short. So, always consider the splits within long dresses because it makes your walk easier. Other than that, sit also provide flexibility and add movement to your skirt. Additionally, splitting in the skirt helps you to hide the hems hits against your body. An asymmetrical hem considers as the best for solid and fitted kilts.

High-low hems tend to be trendy and look stylish in their way. In some designs, the skirt looks mini from the front keeps you away from looking short.

Handle Calves with care

If you’re shot and want to wear the long maxi or skirt, it is essential to be careful with your calves. Midi skirts are still in latest trend fashion, and it looks elegant on short heights. It can also be wearable for cute office styles, casual wear, as well as on some occasions. But you need to take some extra prep to wear it. It is better to choose the skirt that falls slightly above mid-calf. It is essential to make the proportion of your body appropriate. You need to highlight the lower part as compared to the top. So always choose the style of the skirts that give you the taller looks. So always choose the hemline that must be few inches higher comparatively its original length.


In a nutshell, these are some of the stylish tips that can help you wearing a long skirt and maxi in a trendy way. Wearing a long kilt in short height is fun, but you need a little prep for it. The flowy material is a better option if you are short, and always wear heels to make your looks perfect. Moreover, be selective while choosing the prints and colors for skirts. It has a significant impact on it. Hopefully, these multiple styles may help you to wear the long maxi stylishly.



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