Put Your Best Thoughts Forward – Top 4 Apps to Aid in Book Writing

Top 4 Apps to Aid in Book Writing

There is just no one right answer for a writer. Writers are people that are always at the mercy of their imagination and creativity and the level of their passion for making their work noticeable. And, the world is a difficult place for writers these days with all the new and improved attention-grabbing strategies and more knowledgeable readers.

However, this doesn’t mean that you lose hope and present your feat in front of the polished and celebrated writers out there. True, technology has made some irreplaceable and hard to attain changes for writers, but it has also provided some means for making things easier for us. Hence, the following tools aren’t just for book writers or screenplay novelists, but blog holders can also benefit very much from them.


Now most writers will agree with the fact that editing and proofreading are the most lackluster tasks of writing. They can genuinely take the fun out of writing creative pieces and make it feel like a chore than a fun activity. However, proofreading for mistakes, engagement factors, any elevations needed is always necessary to make the writing neat and crisp, not just engaging.

And in that manner, a handy checking app can be Grammarly. It is a well-known app, and most people, even non-writers, use it as an add-on for browsers. The app checks for different grammar mistakes and provides generous improvement points in a text. It can be used for free, but most of the juicy stuff comes with paying a slight fee each month.


The most important tools for writing up the best works may be spell and grammar checker, readability analysis, checklists, notes, and other necessities, but where you write and publish your work is also a matter to consider. The PDF format is the most touched when it comes to reading books as it has an interface, much like a book with elaborative indexes and organized pages. Not just that, readers enjoy this format as they can mark critical writings and make comments. As an author, writing with pdf also has its gifts, given you can convert, connotate, secure, merge, or split with Sodapdf or any other similar software to establish documents with ease.


There can be times when you write a fine piece for your book, but when you start reading it, you can feel like something is missing, or maybe a few lines are oversaid. And a grammar checker may be able to pick serious mistakes, but it can’t guide to writing smooth and easy-to-read pieces. For this purpose, an app like ProWritingAid is necessary for every writer who wants to know the real mistakes and better counterparts in writing to make works more comprehendible.


This is an app that gained fast momentum right after its release and all for the right reasons. A large number of professionals make use of Evernote to make everyday notes and share them in-app with collaborators. Apparently, the app has impressive templates for writers to tap in and save important notes relating to their projects as well. You can even save helpful web content with the help of a handy feature called Web Clipper and a lot more.

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