Save the World with Superheroes on Game Karma

Surely everyone has their favorite Superhero. Even if he has never played computer games, he loves superheroes from books or movies, from ancient myths, or anywhere else. But if in films or books a person simply follows the author’s fantasy, then in computer games he can be a Superhero himself and feel what it’s like to have abilities that no one else has. On the Game Karma platform, you will find the widest selection of Superhero games that inspire both children and their parents.

Save the World with Superheroes on Game Karma

Who Can Be Considered a Superhero?

Not every character with superpowers is classified as a Superhero. To qualify as such, it must meet a number of criteria:

Extraordinary Abilities

The first of them is obvious — the presence of some quality that sharply distinguishes his character from those around him. For example, he can:

  • be immortal
  • fly through the air
  • become invisible
  • breathe fire or strike enemies with the power of the gaze

Having a High Mission

  • A Superhero must be on the side of Good and fight those who are trying to plunge the world into darkness.
  • If a hero does not protect anyone and does not fight for a high idea, he is not a superhero. Even if he has unique abilities, but he does not use them for the sake of others, he will not fall into this category. Only the protection of the weaker due to his unique qualities makes the character a hero.

How Superhero Games Are Made

Superhero games are so popular that new releases come out all the time. Often, characters are transferred to the game fields of PC from movies or comic books, and even cartoons. So that the game does not just repeat the plots of films or comics, the developers:

  • come up with some parallel stories
  • introduce new characters
  • set new challenges for known Superheroes

But there are games in which the player himself can create his own Superheroes and endow them with the qualities that he would like to see in himself.

Sub-genres of Superhero Games: Which One to Choose?

Superhero games have many sub-genres. It all depends on the basis on which the plot of the game is formed. After all, superpowers can be obtained in different ways. For example, the acting character may be a Demigod, or he may simply invent some kind of mechanism that gives him special power and use it. Among the subgenres, the following can be distinguished:

  • Games based on mythology. Here, Thor or Wonder Woman can act as superheroes
  • Superheroes with techno abilities: Batman, Black Widow
  • Fantasy sub-genre, in which the characters use magic or supernatural powers: Dr. Strange
  • Games where the heroes themselves are supernatural forces: Ghost Rider

Try to be a Superhero in any of the given sub-genres and plots. Perhaps you will not develop supernatural abilities from this. But you will certainly want to make this world a better place to live and save someone, stand in the way of injustice, and prevent it from happening. Check out the best gaming platform Game Karma to find tons of inspiring superhero games for you.

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