6 Reasons You Should Include Tonic Water in Health Routine

Tonic water is a type of carbonated beverage that has quinine dissolved in it, along with many other herbal flavors. Tonic water, also known as Indian tonic water, is a hot favorite in the bar business and is widely used with liquors like gin and vodka.

6 Reasons You Should Include Tonic Water in Health Routine

It contains good amounts of quinine, which effectively protects us against dengue and malaria, caused by mosquitoes. A liter of quinine contains almost 83 milligrams of quinine dissolved in it.

Tonic water, due to the heavy content of quinine in it, has a significant bitter taste. Besides being used to treat malaria, this soda water is often blended with whiskey to mask the harsh flavor. Tonic water has numerous therapeutic benefits, a few of which are listed here.

1. Helps to treat muscle cramps

You must be curious as to how tonic water, which is a type of soda, helps in reducing muscle spasms. Well, the answer is simple: Tonic water contains generous amounts of quinine in it, which has been clinically proven to aid muscle spasms and relax the tendons of the body.

Thus, tonic water might come as a great help to someone who is already suffering from these health issues. It is a great solution for people who are constantly suffering from weary muscles and tendons.

Tonic water, in general, doesn’t help to cure any ailments but the quinine in it has various medicinal values.

2. Energizes your body

Tonic water is also used as refreshments in many beverages across the board. Along with the presence of quinine, tonic water also contains added herbal and medicinal flavors that replenish your body and acts as an immediate energy booster.

If you are really tired after an exhausting day at work, or after your gymming session, consuming little amounts of tonic water can really help you to freshen up.

3. Reduces the stress and anxiety levels in the body

I have mentioned before that tonic water is a full-blown carbonated drink. And the main component of aerated beverages is sugar.

According to various studies in the medical field, sugar has been claimed to reduce stress levels and calm a person down. Also, tonic water really helps when someone is facing problems regarding calorie deficit.

But if you’re trying to burn off your fat and lose weight, then it’s better if you avoid consuming too much tonic water as it contains loads of concentrated sugar in it.

4. Helps you fight against diseases

This is the primary benefit of consuming tonic water. This soda water contains quinine which contributes to its bitter taste.

In medical research, it has been found that quinine is very effective in treating diseases like malaria. It also helps you to cure stress-related disorders and replenishes the body.

But, make sure to choose the types of tonic water that don’t contain artificial flavors and sweetening substances, as these chemicals might actually deteriorate your health. Choose the ones with genuine substances that will benefit your body.

5. Acts as a febrifuge

Febrifuge is any agent that reduces fever and regulates the body temperature, like an antipyretic. Quinine in tonic water has proved to be an excellent antipyretic as it has the capability to bring down body temperature.

If it is blended with other drugs such as acetaminophen before prescribing it, then a rapid downfall of fever can be observed in patients.

Also, quinine has anti-inflammatory properties which push antigens to work against the infection. This is important to cure cerebral malaria.

6. It’s a good refreshment option

Tonic water also aids in refreshing your body, especially after an exhausting workout session. It is exceptionally useful for athletes after their intense practice.

For instance, premium tonic water helps you to gain back your lost stamina faster after a full-fledged cardio session.

Here also you must choose the ones with genuine extracts which can benefit your health.

Over to you…

So, these were some of the many benefits of tonic water. But too much consumption of the same should be avoided at all costs. This is because tonic water contains high sugar concentration and is a calorie-enriched drink.

Even a small portion of tonic contains up to 40 calories, which is really harmful to people suffering from diabetes. Look for tonic waters that have larger proportions of micronutrients like zinc and copper, that benefit your body greatly.

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