Favorite Lakes To Spot Celebrities In The USA

Enjoying some fresh outdoor air while boating on a lake is the ultimate vacation activity. And who doesn’t enjoy some celebrity spotting? So wouldn’t it be terrific if you could combine the two? Well, you can, because we’ve put together a list of our favorite lakes to spot celebrities in the USA.  

Greenwood Lake, Orange County

To get to where the stars hang out, you first need to hire yourself a boat. So treat yourself to a boat rental at Greenwood Lake and feel like a star for a day. Greenwood Lake has been lived in and visited by, celebrities since the 800s. 


With such impeccable credentials, this lake had to make the top of our list. Baseball stars, authors, and actors have all come to Greenwood Lake in search of some time away from bright lights and busy schedules. 


But the celebs who visited here weren’t always on vacation. Sometimes, they were working on movies, including one starring Morgan freeman. So head out to Greenwood Lake for your next vacation. You never know what, or who, you’ll see.

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Vacationing with the stars is sure to make any trip even more memorable. But you don’t have to go jetting halfway around the world or hire a villa on an exotic island. You can just as easily spot some celebs at a nearby lake, and impress all your friends with your news when you get back home. 


One such lake is Lake Winnipesaukee, at the foot of the White Mountains in New Hampshire’s Lakes region. Like Lake Tahoe, this lake too has a history of drawing in the stars. Actress Drew Barrymore has been known to visit here, regularly. 


Talk show host Jimmy Fallon even named his daughter “Winnie” after this lake. Lake Winnipesaukee holds a special place in his heart, as he and his wife often vacationed here. But we sure are glad he shortened the name when he decided to christen his baby girl with it.

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

Been dying to test out the new kayak? Of course, you are, kayaking is great fun and good exercise too. And we know the perfect place to do it, where you’ll be in some really good company.  Because Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular US lakes for celebs to hang out. 


But this is nothing new. Lake Tahoe has a long history of attracting celebrities. And looking at the stunning surroundings, we can clearly see why. 


The largest alpine lake in North America, this freshwater lake straddles the states of California and Nevada. Surrounded by lush forests and natural beauty, this is the ideal spot for hiking, biking, and of course, boating.  

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

You’re guaranteed to be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous here. Silver Lake is home to quite a large number of celebrities. Musicians, writers, and actors can all be seen here any time you visit. 


Of course, this should come as no surprise. Many celebrities live in Los Angeles. But the town of Silver Lake has more than its fair share of star residents, including actors Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, and James Franco. 


So include Silver Lake on your travel itinerary for your next vacation. And your day at the lake may very well be graced by a celebrity appearance.

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

This last one on our list should be on your bucket list anyway. But we have the inside info that will turn a good trip into a great trip. Not too many lakes are accessible from Yosemite National Park, but one that is easy to get to is Lake Tenaya. This is the perfect spot for a swim, a picnic, or some canoeing. 


The surrounding natural beauty is simply breathtaking. But this area has even more to offer. A few celebrities are known to visit the lake too.


They visit Yosemite for pretty much the same reason anyone does, for some much-needed rest and recreation, and even a bit of fishing. Hikers in the park have claimed to see and chat to rock stars like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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