Comfortable Home – A House Made of Laminated Wood Panels

Have you thought about building your own house and do not know where to start? Then you should pay attention to cross-laminated panels. They have a lot of advantages that will surely interest you and that the supplier tells you about:

What Is CLT?

CLT is an acronym for cross-laminated wood. It is a panel of natural wood that is composed of multiple layers perpendicular to each other. Often coniferous wood – pine, spruce, fir and so on – is used to make this building material. This makes the CLT incredibly strong and reliable material.

Why You Should Choose CLT

Due to the perpendicular structure of the panels, they are very strong. They are resistant to pressure in any direction. In addition, wood is a light material. Houses built with CLT are much lighter than their stone counterparts. This makes the effort and money spent on the foundation much less. Wooden laminated panels are also resistant to seismological activity and are an environmentally friendly material.

What You Should Know

Despite the fact that the main material for the manufacture of CLT is wood, finished panels are highly resistant to combustion. This is influenced by the internal structure of the panel and the additional adhesive components. Thanks to these components you can easily perform any finish, both outside and inside. And the perpendicular structure of the panels makes the bearing capacity of the finished wall high enough for a standard family house. You can find out even more amazing things about CLT directly from your supplier:


The combination of lightness and high strength makes CLT an excellent candidate for the main building material of your future home. It is highly resistant to many external factors. And wood, as the main component material, makes it especially desirable for families with young children.

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