How to Make Your Basement the Coolest Room in the House

Is your basement sitting idle or just serving as a storage area? If that’s the case, there’s an opportunity to transform it into something amazing. Given that you have an ample basement in a home where all your needs are already fulfilled, think about the potential of turning it into an exciting extra space.


So what exactly can you turn your basement into for a cool new hangout spot?

Movie Theater

Gathering family and friends into one room specifically designated for movie or TV showings can be a fun tradition. Adding a popcorn machine or a fun snack bar is also a great idea. Just don’t neglect the sitting you choose for this room as comfort is definitely key!

Music Studio

As seen in many Nashville houses for sale, music or recording studios are a common theme. The basement of your home is a great place for noisy activities as you’re less likely to hear the noises from other areas of the home. But if you or a family member are musically inclined with possible hopes of making it big one day, designate your basement as the perfect studio.

Workout Room and Spa

Instead of paying for a gym and spa membership, try creating your own. With multi-function equipment, you can easily transform your basement into a useful gym. If you have plumbing accessible in your basement, adding a spa-like bathroom with a steam shower or soaking tub is an added bonus to consider.


Does your home struggle with a specific area to designate to the children? This can be easily solved by creating a dream playhouse for them in the basement. Your options are unlimited depending on what your children enjoy. From dollhouses to rock climbing walls, you may be surprised just how cool of a playroom you can create.

Bowling Alley

If you really want to up the ante, consider installing your own bowling alley in your home. You’ll only need one or two lanes, some cool lighting, and of course a few bowling balls to make your house the coolest in the neighborhood.

Wine Cellar

Whether you prefer red or white wine, the basement can make the perfect wine cellar. You can choose to start small or go big right off the start. Just don’t forget the bottle opener!

Personal Bar

But if you prefer different types of alcohol like IPAs, whiskey, or tequila, creating a personal bar may be of more interest to you. Setting up a tv or two, a wet bar with plenty of seating, and a few games all of your friends will be asking to come over to view the next big sporting event.

Art Studio

If you prefer to show your creative side through painting, drawings, or pottery, transforming your basement into an art studio is also possible. With a decent sized table, seating, and the necessary equipment you can make an art studio faster than you may think.

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