Things You Should Know Before the First Date

The initial date plays a crucial role because it influences your partner’s perception of you. Based on the impression you leave, you may or may not secure a second date. To ensure your first date is a success, continue reading this article for some valuable advice.

Be Tidy and Well Groomed

The first thing that both men and women pay attention to is appearance. Therefore, you should look good. It’s vital to keep your clothes clean and ironed. Also, you should have a good haircut and professionally cut nail. Also, don’t forget to take care of your shoes. Some perfumes also won’t be extra.

Remember, even if you wear super trendy and expensive clothes that had to be cleaned a few weeks ago, it won’t impress your date in a good way.

Pick a Good Outfit

For sure, it’s not enough to keep your clothes clean to provide a good impression. You should also choose a great outfit. A construction worker suite or sportswear isn’t the right choice.

Try to get something classic that fits you. If you experience any problems, feel free to explore some trendy magazines or ask your friends.

Note, your outfit shouldn’t look bright and sparkling. It should be simple, trendy, and comfortable for long walks or some activities.

Be on Time

If you want to avoid unhappy moments on your first date, always be on time. It’s better to come 30 minutes before than 1 minute late. Therefore, if you’re not a punctual person, try to come earlier and wait for your date.

Share your Thoughts

The first date is anxiety-filled, so that some people forget to tell you about their preferences. For instance, when you both are in a restaurant and already ordered a steak, it will be an awkward situation when someone tells you that they don’t eat meat—the same with activities. If you don’t like ice skating, let your date know this before entering a rink.

All people are different, so it’s okay if you have various preferences. To avoid any possible misunderstanding and clumsy situations, always share your opinion and let your date know about your preferences.

Choose a Good Location

It’s an easy task if you already know what your date likes the most. If not, try to avoid cliche locations like restaurants or cinema theaters. Anyway, try to pick a neutral place like a coffee shop. As usual, such places have a convenient and relaxing atmosphere that drives both of you to tell more about yourself.

Forget about your Phone

The worst thing that you can do on the first date is to stick in your smartphone. Your news feed won’t disappear. However, if your date will try to have a conversation with a person who constantly stats at a screen, you won’t have the next meeting. If you always receive a lot of notifications and check your phone every 10 minutes, enable the silent mode.

Support a Conversation

The first date is the time when both of you discover each other. Do not confuse the date with a job interview. There is no need to read a monologue, presenting yourself. To support a conversation, feel free to ask questions to your date. It will show that you’re interested in your date’s life. Otherwise, it may seem that you’re selfish.

Also, pick topics for discussion carefully. For sure, talking about dating sex games right on the first date isn’t the best idea. Better try to learn more about your date’s interests in advance and engage him or her in discussing interesting topics.

Be Positive

It doesn’t matter if you had a bad day, lost your money, or even got fired. It’s not a reason to spoil your first date and share negative emotions. Showing that you have a good time with your date despite any possible problems in your life is always a great idea.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Some people think that alcohol is a liquid that burns and helps get distracted from problems and improve the mood. For sure, there is nothing bad if you drink one or two cocktails. However, limit yourself with the alcohol to not turn the first date into the last one.

Offer To Pay

This tip is rather for men. To be tactful with your date, always cover the full check. Only if a woman offers to split a bill you can accept or refuse her offer. It’s up to you. Also, you should always have some spare money if the bill will be higher than you expected.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there is no 100% solid instruction on making your first date perfect as all people are different. Some like crowded and loud places, while others prefer to spend their time in an intimate atmosphere. However, if you feel nervous about your date, use the tips from the posts above. They are universal and will help you provide a good impression on your date in any situation.

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