How to Host a Bridal Shower: Tips & Tricks to Wow the Bride

The duty of planning a bridal shower falls on you as the best friend or maid of honor. And if this is your first time throwing abridal shower, you need all the help. Your girl deserves to have the best time celebrating with friends and ushering in her happily ever after. The bridal shower is also an opportunity to express how much you love her, so make it count. Now, we know the thoughts are running in your head like what to do for a bridal shower and how to plan a wedding shower. From serving exotic meals to gifting her a bride-to-be box, and more, this is where we come in with shower tips and tricks that will wow the bride. Follow these tips for a seamless bridal shower plan.

Bring home the entire crew

Bring the crew together, whether you are hosting a physical or virtual bachelorette party. Distance should not be a barrier when you have zoom, google hangout, slack, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and more at your disposal. Create a guest list that includes all the bride’s closest friends, and have the merriest time of the year. It’s your girl’s last moment as a bachelorette, so help her sign out with a bang!

Start her day with a thoughtful gift

There are many gifts to give a bride, but nothing trumps a wedding subscription box. Start her day by gifting your girl bridal box subscriptions to show that you want her to have a stress-free wedding. This is because bridal box services, especially misstomrs, guide the potential brides through the planning stages from engagement until the honeymoon. Miss to Mrs. Bridal box has four perfect plans and nine themed boxes that match wedding dates and each planning stage. These tailored plans include accelerated, extended, monthly, and quarterly packages. The themed boxes also contain weddings, honeymoons, and essentials for wedding showers. You’ll find carefully curated items like spa, beauty, and decor sundry, merch, jewelry, and more. It doesn’t matter if your bride is gay because the goodies are not gendered. Miss to Mrs. Wedding services will also deliver the first bride box in record time, so your surprise is just perfect.

Present exotic meals

So your girl is a food lover? Wow, if you’re sure, then serve up all her favorite treats at the bridal shower. The menu depends on the shower theme and what the bride likes to eat. For non-traditional bridal showers, offer Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or other exotic buffets and takeouts that she loves. If you choose a sophisticated, traditional, or formal event, serve up high teas, cocktails, finger foods, and more. Your bride gets the final say, anyway.

Create an unforgettable venue

One of the bridal shower must-haves is a venue with a memorable setting and ambiance. While planning a bridal shower, think about the theme and the atmosphere that the bride loves. It could be romantic, rustic, bohemian, woodland, whimsical, or a minimalist look she desires. Make her dream happen by hiring and decorating the perfect place within a reasonable budget, even if it is a cozy parlor. The best shower venue doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom.

Desserts in style

If you are thinking of how to throw a bridal shower that will keep the guests lively until the end, the sugar rush is the answer. Let the desserts flow in their proud colors and exquisite custom shapes. Depending on the bride’s preference, parade cakes, donut towers, macaroons, cookies, and more. The guests might even enjoy baking at the party, so set it up and let everyone bake their treats.

Make the bride laugh

There are many tips on how to plan a bridal shower, but making the bride laugh is vital. Shine the spotlight on the bride by getting her closest friends to tell funny stories about her. The tales could be from her childhood, high school, or college days. Share beautiful memories and tease her, but never cross the lines by sharing her private information or mocking her. Also, avoid stories about her ex because you don’t know who is listening. Balance your tales with how the bride has a sweet personality.

Host fun games

Planning a bridal shower is incomplete without fun games that encourage mingling among the guests. Singing, trivia, Jenga, scavenger hunt, craft contests, and more are games you can play indoors or outdoors. Also, seek the bride’s suggestion and incorporate games she loves playing. Don’t forget to take many pictures to post on your social media handles so that you can come back and reminisce.

Spring a groom surprise

The cutest thing you can do for your girl bride is to surprise her with the groom or partner’s presence at the bridal shower. Although her partner would not attend the girls’ event, you could arrange a brief drop-in for them. Another option is to have them write a romantic letter or make a heartfelt video message to her. We assure you that some happy tears will drop.

With planning a bridal shower, the details matter. Here, you will learn some crucial shower trips and tricks essential for a stress-free shower planning. Whether you have some experience with bridal showers or not, check out these planning ideas and nail the event.

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