What Are The Different Methods To Withdraw Money At Rummy Noble
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Rummy games are one of the most known games in all online games and have been the most played games as well. Those who love to play card games find the online version interesting because they offer a variety of features that are similar to offline versions. Because of the increasing popularity of the game, many platforms are offering a lot of new and exciting features for the players to enjoy the online version of card games. One such app where you can play rummy games and win cash prizes is rummy noble. In this article, we will be learning how you can successfully withdraw the amount you have won in a rummy noble app


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Rummy noble app 

The younger generation of this country is now looking for a suitable platform where they can enjoy games and earn some benefits as well. Rummy Noble is one such app where you can earn money while competing against real players in a rummy game. Players who usually play on their phones find it interesting and worth playing. If you are also interested in playing rummy games then do check out the rummy noble app once. 

Process of withdrawing your money from the rummy noble app 

We have seen people often struggle while withdrawing their money from the app. Well, we are here to explain the procedure of withdrawal so that you won’t have to face any trouble in the future. 

  • Open the game rummy noble on your device and go to the main section of the game. 
  • Find the ‘withdraw’ option from the main section of the app and click on it so that you will be redirected to the cash-out window of the app. 
  • After that, you will see “Total Balance” and “Withdrawable Balance” you can check them. 
  • Now that you have already seen what your available balance is, you can enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account in the “amount” option. 
  • On the left side, you will see the option where you can select the payment method. 
  • You have to enter the required details of the account you wish to transfer your money to. 
  • Now select the “withdraw” option and you will successfully register the withdrawal request. 


What is the time required for the successful transfer of the money from the app? 

The rummy noble app might take a few minutes or hours to process your withdrawal request. However, in case of any bank-related issue, you may wait until three business days. 

Methods of withdrawal 

 There are various online methods available nowadays which ensure secure payments from the apps. The most trusted way of getting any type of payment is to transfer it directly to your bank account. Here are two methods of transferring your money from the rummy noble app. 

  • Bank 

As mentioned above, in this method you can transfer your money directly to your bank account. You have to provide the details of the bank account you wish to transfer your money in. You can also choose an app like Paytm to complete the withdrawal. 

  • UPI 

Not only on a rummy noble app but for every kind of payment, UPI is one of the most popular modes of payment these days. In this method, you can transfer the money to the provided UPI ID. 

Terms and conditions you must know! 

Before you try to withdraw money from the rummy noble app it is necessary to learn about the terms and conditions that are required before that. Make sure you have read them carefully so that you won’t land into any trouble. 

  • Before you start the process of withdrawal make sure you have created your account and completed the binding process on the rummy noble app. 
  • If you are withdrawing a huge amount you need to fulfil the KYC verification before. 
  • Players need to fulfil all the required criteria before the process of withdrawal and at the start of creating an account on the rummy noble app. 
  • There is a minimum amount set by the app developers and any amount which is below that cannot be withdrawn. 

Now that you have learned the process of withdrawal make sure to follow every step carefully!


Make sure you do not tap on any fraud links while withdrawing the money. Now you can enjoy the card games on the rummy noble app and earn as many cash prizes as you can. 


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