4 Steps to Keeping Your Dog Well-Nourished During Quarantine

Being home for an extended period has certainly led many individuals to reconsider their established routines and create new daily structures.


From working from home to online shopping instead of in-store visits, the “new normal” calls for the adoption of new habits that help protect our lives and the lives of others.


During these unprecedented times, pet parents might’ve found themselves in a tough spot when it comes to keeping an eye on their furry friend’s diet.


Spending a long time indoors usually results in lower activity levels and the tendency to excessive snacking or overeating. These factors can affect your pup’s health negatively, which is why incorporating healthy eating habits for your puppy during quarantine is crucial.


To help you keep your canine friend’s nutrition in check during quarantine, we’ve put together this 4-step guide.


So, here’s how to keep your pup well-fed and happy during quarantine:


  1. Subscribe to a Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service

Fresh dog food delivery services are a great way to have healthy and fresh dog food delivered to your home hassle-free.


With some services, you can create a personalized profile for your pup and receive customized meal plans for its weight, age, breed, etc. Once you sign up, you will be receiving packages of fresh dog food to your home regularly, every few weeks.


These services focus on using natural and fresh ingredients in their recipes while minimizing or leaving out preservatives, artificial colorants, flavors, and fillers.


You can check out the different delivery services available, such as Spot & Tango fresh dog food service, and choose one that’s most suitable for you and your dog.


  1. Stock-up on Treats

It is necessary to keep track of your pup’s snacking, especially if it is less physically active than usual, but that doesn’t mean cutting back on treats completely.


Stocking up on your furry friend’s favorite treats can save you a lot of trouble and stress by allowing you to have snacks on hand for your pup to enjoy.


Healthy snacks can complement a fresh dog food diet and provide your dog with additional nutrition when chosen carefully.


There is an array of healthy dog treat options available. You can also check out the treats offered by the fresh dog food services mentioned earlier for healthy treat options for your pup.


  1. Think Of Supplements

Supplements are one way to boost a particular aspect of your pup’s health.


In addition to an adequate nutrition and healthy treats, supplements may improve your dog’s health when chosen adequately.


In case your dog usually takes supplements for specific health concerns, buying them in advance might prove practical while you’re practicing social distancing.


If you’d like to add supplements to your dog’s diet, make sure to discuss it with a veterinarian before making a purchase.


Some fresh dog food delivery services offer a selection of supplements for different dog health issues. You can browse their websites to learn more about the products.


  1. Keep Track of Your Pup’s Water Intake

Staying hydrated is vital for your pup as much as it is essential for you.


To help your dog drink enough water during the day, you can try placing a few water bowls all over your house, garden, or anywhere your pup might be passing by. Make sure to clean these bowls every day and keep them full at all times!


Another way to make sure your dog is consuming enough water is by incorporating wet food into its diet. Wet and fresh dog food contains higher moisture levels, which means your pup is getting more water from eating these meals.



That was our four steps to a well-fed pup list. Remember that physical activity is also essential for your canine friend’s well-being, so consider scheduling some playtime indoors with your pooch to keep it active and happy.

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