5 Plus Handy Extras to Add to Your SUV

Is your SUV ready for the long roads? You might want to consider adding a few extras to add to you and your passengers’ comfort and convenience. From improving looks to packing everything you need for a long holiday, plus a few practicalities, there are a lot of items you can consider for your shopping list. Here’s a little sampling.

1. Easy-in, Easy-out: Running Boards

Having a high clearance car has a bunch of advantages, but if there’s one problem with them, it’s climbing in and out, especially when you’re transporting older folks and small children. The best running boards even fold out when doors are opened, returning to a hidden position under your car when the doors are closed. It’s practical, but it’s kind of fun too!

2. Save Your Upholstery With Car Seat Covers

Transporting kids and pets? Getting takeouts for the family and letting them eat on the go? Your upholstery deserves a little extra protection! Car seat covers are easy to clean, and they’ll take the punch when you and your family get a little rough and ready on the road. Doggie claws? A snowstorm of pet hair? You don’t want to stress out about little things like this.

3. Safety: Check Your Emergency Road Kit

Apart from having a few basic tools like your jack, wheel spanner and jumper cables for minor roadside crises, you should have a reflective triangle in case of breakdowns and a first aid kit just to be on the safe side. While we like to expect the best, it’s worth planning for the worst just in case it happens. Take stock at fairly regular intervals, especially before long road trips.

4. A Car-Seat Organizer for Busy Backseat Passengers

Keeping kids entertained on the road is easier than it used to be: some toys, games and videos to play from a tablet can go a long way towards keeping them entertained (and you sane) on long trips. But as anyone with kids will know, the immediate area around them can easily become a clutter zone of note. A simple organizer solves the problem.

5. A Rooftop Cargo Box and a Bike Carrier

Headed out on holiday? You might want some extra packing space for all your camping goodies. And since you’re taking the family out into the countryside, it’s a great time to get active on those bicycles. Rooftop cargo boxes are roomy enough to hold just about anything except the kitchen sink, and your handy bike rack makes cycling an easy choice as a holiday activity.

Electronics and More

There are tons of extras you might enjoy having in your car: Alexa to take your voice commands, a mobile phone holder, charging hubs, front and rear cameras, you can even get something very like disco lights for car interiors, although we wouldn’t recommend anything quite so distracting. It’s funny to think that adding an electrical system to cars was a big leap forward not all that far back in history. Now, it’s all about electronics! Turning your car into a kind of home away from home can be fun, and whatever you thought you might like to add to your car’s interior is probably available somewhere. Whatever your choices, remember to put safety first.


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