How To Make Your Home Office More Efficient

After the pandemic, most business people and workers have preferred to work from the comfort of their own houses. Not only is working from home safer but also gives you the flexibility to work the way you wish to.

How To Make Your Home Office More Efficient

Did you know that 77% of employees that work remotely from home a few times a month are said to be more productive? So if you have a home office of your own, how do you make sure it helps you stay productive and efficient?

Here are a few tips to ensure that your home office is as great as a regular office.

1. Make the space creative

Just because your office work can be dreadfully boring sometimes, it doesn’t mean the room itself will also look drab. Make sure the space you’re working in looks good and makes you feel good.

For example, you can simply hang a few pictures of your family or any kind of abstract painting on the walls. On your desk, put a small framed picture of a funny or motivational quote.

Art has been proven to be therapeutic to the mind and you can easily turn an otherwise drab space into a really cool one with enough artwork.

2. Be comfortable

Comfort is definitely a priority when it comes to efficient work. You don’t want to keep rubbing your neck or back constantly when you’re working.

So invest in good home office furniture and buy a chair that provides maximum support. Also, make sure you sit in an ergonomically correct position that prevents any kind of backaches.

In case you feel uncomfortable sitting in one place for too long, try to walk around the room a little. You can even purchase a standing desk and keep it in one corner so that you can stand and work while giving your back a break.

3. Establish boundaries

Not everyone’s home has enough space for a separate office, so if you really want the home office space to be efficient, you have to establish clear boundaries between your work and personal life.

Confine your work to only one particular place every day, for example, the living room table or the kitchen space. If noise is a frequent distraction, you can try noise-canceling earphones or ask your kids to keep it quiet.

Nowadays, you might also be a part of endless video conferences and messages so let your work team and your family know about these meetings beforehand.

4. Declutter your space

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your office space, it will get cluttered and messy from time to time. Balls of paper, used pens, spare paper clips- all these and more will keep piling up if you don’t declutter the area.

Make it a habit to thoroughly clean the room at least once a week. Place bins in convenient areas so that you can throw waste without messing up the room.

If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee while working, clean the cups and place them back where they belong. If other members of your family wish to use your office as their spare space, ask them to not do that.

5. Take breaks

This might sound pretty obvious and insignificant but taking frequent eye breaks can greatly improve efficiency. Not only is it good for your eyes but also prevents you from getting tired easily.

Instead of staring at your laptop or computer screen all day, close your eyes for a few minutes or focus on breathing techniques for a while. Follow the 20-20-20 rule.

According to this, you should take a 20-second eye break every 20 minutes and stare at something about 20 yards away from you. Pace around the room or go talk to your family members for a few minutes.

The most important tip- don’t distract yourself by switching on your phone while taking a break. It’s just the same as staring at your laptop and will do no good.

Over to you…

Working from home is a great chance to explore your working styles and environment. Not only will you be more efficient but you will also cut down on a lot of transport costs and other problems. Make comfort your priority and don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles. To keep your productivity levels high, keep yourself engaged and make sure your home environment is fresh and vibrant.

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