How to Style Long-Sleeved T-Shirts for Men

A long-sleeved t-shirt serves as a highly adaptable garment in a man’s closet, though it hasn’t gained much popularity. This might stem from men not being certain about the best ways to wear it!


Very common in the 90s, long-sleeve t-shirts used to be mainly oversized and associated with skaters, but in today’s 21st century, you have many more styles and cuts available.


And when chosen appropriately, the long-sleeved t-shirt is an excellent addition to your everyday life from the office, lunch or dinner dates and fun leisurely weekends.


Here’s how to style a long-sleeved t-shirt for men.


How to choose


To look great, as with any piece of wardrobe, you should pick the right style, cut, fabric and colour of your long-sleeved t-shirt.


The best fabric choice is something breathable like cotton or cotton blend. This type of material is great for any weather and will not have you sweating profusely.


Your three main options for necklines are a v-neck, crew neck and a Henley shirt. Crewnecks tend to be more casual and easier to style, but with a little extra effort, a v-neck creates some incredible looks too!


Lastly, our recommendation is always to go for monochrome and classic neutral colours such as black, white, grey, navy, maroon and all the shades within.


This way, you always can add a printed jacket, colourful trousers or fun accessories without worrying if the outfit will clash. However, as put it, you can always find a great long sleeve shirt in tie-dye or camo if you feel adventurous!


With an oversized t-shirt 


For a classic urban look, pair your long-sleeved t-shirt with an oversized t-shirt. Reminds you of high school? Maybe, but when put together with neutral, matching colours, this is a winning combo for your weekend.


A safe bet is colour coordinating the long-sleeved t-shirt and pants and adding a contrasting colour oversized t-shirt. Try to avoid logos and graphics unless you’re absolutely sure they work!


With chinos


Oh chinos, how we love thee! This extremely versatile pair of pant works so great with a long-sleeved shirt!


The winning combination creates the ultimate smart-casual look for when you want to feel comfortable, yet you don’t want to don a pair of sweats.


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With a check shirt 


Try pairing your long-sleeved t-shirt with a classic check shirt and dessert boots for another great weekend look.


According to, the layering and dark-denim jeans make this outfit look considered, but it’s the easiest to throw on. A check shirt feels much more relaxed for days off than usual formal shirts or Oxfords.


With jeans 


There’s nothing more classic than blue denim! Your good ole’ jeans are comfortable like nothing else and paired with a long-sleeved t-shirt look just…right.


Add nice white leather or canvas sneakers and simple accessories like leather bracelets or a scarf for a style that says “I’m casual yet have a creative spirit”.


We also love adding Chelsea boots for a look that’s sophisticated and stylish wherever you go.


With Shorts


When it’s warm out, you sometimes want to swap trousers for shorts. They’re a great choice for leisurely summer trips and evenings by the beach.


Try being bolder here and opt for more colour in your long-sleeved t-shirt choice (why not trying pink salmon or sage?)


Boat shoes, leather sneakers or even hippie Birkenstocks will finish the look perfectly.


With joggers


The most casual of casual looks is, of course, the one with joggers. Joggers have made quite the comeback so take this opportunity while it lasts.


Sweats plus long-sleeve t-shirts is the ultimate combination for lounging at home, running to grab a coffee or longer road trips.


We love adding some oomph with a nice cap and classic sunglasses!


With a blazer


Let’s leave the super casual and move into the work territory! With the changing office trends and style habits, a long-sleeved t-shirt is an excellent substitute for the stuffy dress shirt.


Pair it with a blazer, chinos and Oxford shoes for an everyday office or conference look. Just make sure the t-shirt is perfectly ironed and crisp.


If you want to take it down a notch, swap chinos for jeans or even cargo pants (yes, those are back and cool again) and add your favourite leather sneakers.


And for the ultimate “I love fashion” look, wear white jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer or black jeans, a blazer and a white shirt. Nice going!





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