I’m Tired But I Won’t Stop

Today, along with my family, I trekked over five miles in the chilly weather. Although my feet were in severe pain and I experienced a side cramp, I kept my complaints to myself. The reason for my silence was the understanding that, regardless of my own discomfort and exhaustion, it paled in comparison to the suffering endured by those who initially walked alongside Martin Luther King Jr. Those brave souls were pioneers in the march for peace, and today, we follow in their footsteps to stand up for those who are still faced with inequality. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated for his peaceful leadership. Most of his existence was dedicated to the crusade for justice and equal rights. His weapons were his compassionate words and actions.


forgiving heart. If Martin Luther King Jr. were here today, he’d inspire us with his memorable speeches and tell us to love, not hate. He’d help us push through the wall of discord that is closing in on us with a kind heart instead of weapons. He’d do all of that and more because Dr. King stood for everything we as a country seem to be lacking; kindness, honesty, truth, equality, love and so on. And so we march for change, peace and justice. Today as I walked, I didn’t complain. I didn’t think of how badly I wanted to stop. No, instead I thought of the incredible man that we celebrate today and how much he has done. If Dr. King were here today, he’d give us something we’ve been slowly losing, he’d give us hope.

Written by Guest Blogger, Alani Summers, 6th grader

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