Current Trends in Breast Augmentation Surgery

Year after year, breast augmentation surgery makes it to the official list of the most in-demand plastic surgeries. In April 2022, The Aesthetic Society released its annual Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics report, with data indicating that breast augmentation procedures went up by 48% since 2020. Factors such as the rise of remote work have led to the ability to embrace procedures requiring more downtime. Meanwhile, the popularity of social media such as Instagram has led to a desire for this and other surgeries (including buttock augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty). What trends are dominating breast augmentation surgery?

Natural Shapes are In Vogue

Patients are increasingly interested in maintaining a natural shape and feel. Breast implants come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, enabling plastic surgeons to suggest implants that harmonize optimally with a patient’s body. As stated by these Phoenix breast augmentation specialists, subpectoral implants are ideal for those with thinner frames or those with less breast tissue, since adding muscle bulk can make the visible edges of the implant less visible. On the other hand, those with B cups or larger sizes often select round implants, which are placed over the muscle but still produce a natural look. When it comes to shape, teardrop implants are in vogue, while round implants have taken a backseat. Patients are also opting for silicone over saline implants, since the former have a softer, more realistic feel.

Fat Grafting

Because natural breasts are all the rage, many patients are opting to have fat transfer procedures in addition to having an implant placed. For this procedure, the surgeon essentially removes fat from an unwanted area (such as the hips, flanks, or thighs) and then reinjects the fat into strategic places in the breast area. The aim is to create greater harmony between breasts and a more beautiful shape. In some cases, fat transfer alone instead of as a complement to implants.

Smaller Implants Are Desired

‘Less is more’ is the new norm, with many patients opting for smaller breast implants. The desired effect is one of sophistication and litheness. Smaller implants or those closer to one’s breast size complement one’s frame. They also ensure that skin is not stretched excessively. Implants that are too large can produce overstretching and the appearance of stretch marks. They can also cause sagging, resulting in many patients seeking touch-up surgery a few years down the line.

When it comes to breast implants, it’s all about the natural look. Many patients are now seeking more natural-looking breasts, which they achieve by choosing a size and shape of implant that compliments their natural frame. Fat transfer is also helping surgeons lend greater symmetry and harmony to this procedure. In some cases, when a smaller addition of volume is desired, fat transfer is being relied upon instead of implants. As a whole, patients are choosing tear-shaped, silicone implants and a natural-looking shape. They are also displaying a preference for small implants to keep stretch marks and sagging at bay.

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