Behind the Scenes

I want to emphasize the significance of being transparent and truthful. Those familiar with me know my profound love for cars, especially classic muscle automobiles. Not too long ago, I chose to enhance my 1965 Mustang by installing a larger engine. I settled on a price with the mechanic, who then, a few days later, told me the job was more complicated than we initially thought, doubling the original estimate. This situation underscores my main point: the necessity for clear communication. Without it, how are we to confidently allocate our resources? I’ve come to understand that whether I’m upgrading my vehicle or donating to a good cause, the principle is the same: people spending money need to know it’s being used wisely. A lack of clear communication hinders our ability to make informed decisions regarding our investments or donations. Therefore, I wish to demonstrate how donations are managed from start to finish.
The process begins with you, the altruistic donor, deciding to contribute to a cause that means a lot to you. When you donate via our website, your funds go to a pool specifically aimed at supporting a local child nominated by someone in their life—a person who, in spite of hardships, has the capacity to positively change their and others’ lives with a little help. This nominator, often a teacher, coach, or a similar role model, makes a case for support, which our board then assesses carefully, requesting additional information if needed. At our next gathering, we collectively review the application, considering the viability and potential impact of meeting the request, and exploring other ways to aid the child. Once we decide that supporting the cause is viable and that we are honored to help, we work with the nominator to organize the details and meet the need. Delivering the assistance personally to the child is, obviously, the most rewarding part. This efficient process is why I joined The Wish List Project, as it allows us to connect the generous intentions of our donors with the extraordinary, deserving children we aid. Every donation is used to its fullest extent. And don’t worry, we won’t come back to you saying the situation is more complex requiring more funds; your initial generosity is perfectly adequate.

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