Ramadan 2024 Calendar Italy: Sehar & Iftar Time

Ramadan month is about to begin, and the Muslims are ready to welcome Ramadan-ul-Mubarak from the core of the heart. The month brings heavenly pleasure and the joys for the Muslims. The Muslims have two heavenly joys in this month. The one he gets when he eats the pre-dawn meal known as Sehri and the second when he eats Iftar meal at the post-dusk time.


According to the traditions, the Muslims invite their loved ones on the Iftar parties to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty. They share their foods and show generosity towards the poor people around them to come close to their Creator. As the month of Ramada is very special among all the Islamic months, its foods are also extraordinary among all the meals. However, it comes to bring you closer to Allah Almighty. So, don’t forget to be more charitable in this month so that the poor people around you could also enjoy eating good food and wearing the right clothes.

People of Italy scroll on for details on Ramadan 2024 Calendar Italy timing for Sehr and Iftar.




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