The Relationship Rules Everyone MUST Follow

We all aspire to create the ideal relationship – one that fits well with our desires and enables all parties involved to experience love and happiness. Nevertheless, crafting the ideal relationship demands effort and necessitates both you and your partner to contribute and compromise equally.

Although there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to creating the perfect relationship, research into sex, love and relationships has taught us that there are a number of behaviours that can create a more solid ground for couples to build their romantic relationship on. Remember that good relationships do not happen overnight; they take commitment, forgiveness, compromise and most of all, it takes effort.

Keep reading for more on the relationship rules you should follow for a better and stronger relationship with your partner.

Know Your Love Style

Falling in love can be incredibly easy. The real challenge is staying in love and knowing how to cultivate a mature and trusting love that is the hallmark of a lasting relationship. Typically, you will have a combination of love styles within your relationship, with the different types of love styles being:

  • Romantic: Passion and sexual attraction
  • Logical: Based on shared values such as financial goals, religion, family goals, etc.
  • Best friends: Deep affection and fondness
  • Playful: Flirtation
  • Possessive: Jealousy and obsession
  • Unselfish: Based on kindness and the need to nurture

We all define love differently. For example, some of us may think love is being playful and possessive with our other half. However, others may think love is building a logical relationship with someone who is our best friend.

For a strong relationship, you and your partner will need to have a similar love style. If one person in the relationship feels valued when the other gets possessive and jealous but the other person does not think jealousy belongs in a romantic relationship, then they won’t be able to have a cohesive love language.

Know Your ‘Type’

Many of us have certain types of people we find more attractive than others, and understanding and establishing who we are attracted to can help when we are finding a partner and developing a romantic relationship. You may find yourself attracted to people who are blonde, or you may even be attracted to those who are older than you. A great way to find out who your type is, is to not only explore and date, but to take to the internet. You can head to sites like Babestation for cam girls, where there is a variety of different women to engage with. For example, if you are interested in MILFs, or specifically British MILFs, this range on Babestation can allow you to explore your type privately.

Don’t Let the Romance Die

Romantic love can feel euphoric. Many of us can become addicted to romantic love because it allows our brain to release dopamine which is associated with drug addiction and alcohol. So, when the romantic love shifts into companionship, we can feel as if our relationship is losing its spark.

This is not necessarily the case. And even if the romantic love does fade over time, this is normal and does not mean you cannot rekindle the romantic love while also enjoying the more contented form of committed love that comes part and parcel with long-term relationships.

The best way to rekindle the romance is to do something new and different together. You need to keep your lives exciting, and experiencing new things together can release the dopamine we associate with romantic love.

Remember to communicate your feelings with your partner, however. If you are feeling like you need more romantic gestures from your partner, let them know. They may surprise you with a homecooked meal or a weekend getaway somewhere nice.

Work on Your Sex Life

We all have different sex lives, and for some couples, the more sex they have, the happier the relationship. This isn’t the case for everyone, though. You and your partner need to be honest about the level of sex that is needed to keep you happy – some of us do not want to have much sex, whereas others find an active sex life essential to happiness.

It is important to remember that dry spells do happen, however. Real life stresses can cause our sex drive to deplete, and if this is the case, you should speak with your partner so that they can understand the shift in your relationship.


Communication is key. If you do not speak about your feelings, then your partner will not be able to help you or communicate back. Poor communication can lead to arguments that cannot be undone, so it is essential that you remember to speak clearly so that the both of you know what it is the other is feeling, what they need, and whether there is anything that could help them to feel better and more secure.

If you need something from your partner, tell them. Making them guess can lead to problems such as embarrassment and even shame if they do not do what it is you need properly. You may have known your partner for a while now, but that doesn’t mean they will always know your needs inside and out. So, rather than letting resentment and understanding stifle your relationship, get in the habit of telling them what it is you need from them.

Learn to Give and Take

We have heard it many times before, but a relationship is all about give and take. The effort you put into your relationship should be matched – and vice versa. If this isn’t the case, and it is making you unhappy, then you may need to revaluate your relationship so that it is fairer. Too many of us find ourselves giving but not receiving the same amount of love.

In the same vein, a relationship is about compromise. If you are expecting to get what you want 100% of the time, then you will be very disappointed. Sometimes you may have to do something for your partner that isn’t for your own happiness.

Relationships are tricky business. But if you find someone who you love and who has the same values as you, then there is no reason why you cannot build a happy and content relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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