Activities to Keep You Occupied During Winter

Watch Sports

For team sport enthusiasts, while playing might be difficult during these months, there’s no shortage of matches to follow across different sports. Football fans can enjoy the English Premier League, which always has a packed winter schedule which you can follow via websites like oddschecker that provides a list of sites offering free bets, score updates and live streams. They also cover major cricket, tennis and rugby, all of which have big events coming up in winter, so there’s plenty of sport to enjoy if you don’t fancy getting out there yourself.

Play sports/exercise

While most people associate the sports with the heat and sunshine of summer, the winter can also be a good time to run or go to the gym, especially for those with fitness goals geared towards the summer. Gyms are usually less busy at these times as many people cannot brave the cold to make their way there, aside from the bump at the start of January, when thousands join gyms to try and fulfil their new year’s resolutions, only to quit within the first month. This is because while everyone wants that perfect “summer body, the majority of us don’t even think about how we’re going to achieve it until a month or two before the summer arrives.

Watch movies

Watching movies is a timeless activity that never gets boring. There are literally hundreds of film genres to enjoy, meaning you can always pick a film to match your mood. If you’re feeling sad you can watch a sad film to help you get all your emotions out, or a comedy to help you feel better. When you’re angry you can watch a film with a lot of violence, to feed that part of your brain so you don’t have to actually hurt anybody! The possibilities are endless, and thanks to the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Disney+, you don’t even have to leave the house to find your favourite film.

Don’t just scroll!

The winter months can be quite boring for us all, with cold weather taking away most people’s motivation to leave the house, making it difficult to see friends. Social media has certainly made it easier to stay in touch with your loved ones, although most of us inevitably just end up scrolling for hours on end without engaging with anybody. So, try some activities above instead of scrolling, your brain (and fingers) will thank you.


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