Montenegro Citizenship vs. Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship Programs

Do you want to get a second citizenship? Now, this practice is becoming more and more common. Documents may be required both for traveling and for running a private business. In addition, obtaining a passport from another state for investment is possible. Small island states were the first to offer this program. However, this method is now practiced in Europe. For example, the Montenegro citizenship program works. Each year it attracts many investors from around the world. According to an expert of the company Immigrant Invest Svetlana Gorchakova, the popularity of this country is due to its favorable location and the opportunity to feel all the benefits of living in the EU.

Peculiarities of obtaining Montenegro citizenship

Citizens from all regions of the world can receive Montenegro citizenship. The requirements for applicants are minimal. For example, they concern:

  1. The age of the principal applicant. Only adults can apply.
  2. Proof of income. It is necessary to provide a certificate that proves that the funds were received legally.
  3. No criminal record. It is required to provide the appropriate certificate.

The rules are simple enough, so almost anyone can leave an application for consideration. However, people need to be prepared because the Montenegro citizenship program involves a large amount of investment. It is 450000 euros. Of these, 250,000 can be invested in housing (in the country’s northern region, the property will be more expensive in the south) and another 200,000 – a donation to the state.

The program has been running for years, but the time it takes to process the application is still not short. Therefore, the answer will be given 8-9 months later.

The main benefits of obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro

The country is located in Europe, on the sea coast. Very soon, it will become a full member of the EU. It is fundamentally different standards and conditions of life. Everyone will be able to stay in the country legally to work here. In addition, the right to visit Schengen countries, Russia and Turkey, opens up. If highlighting other benefits of this country’s documents, they include:

  1. The country has a pleasant climate. It is warm here most of the year. So now people can see for themselves that Montenegro is suitable not only for recreation but also for permanent residence.
  2. The high level of service and standards of living. And quality services will cost noticeably cheaper here than in many other countries of the Old World.
  3. Security. The country is preparing to become part of the EU and NATO. Therefore, one can always feel protected.
  4. Possibility to include family members in one application.

In addition, the fact that the country has dual citizenship is an advantage. Generally, it is forbidden, but those who invest significantly in the country’s economy can have a second passport. Therefore, people can keep their main document. It allows them to get the full range of benefits.

Particularities of obtaining Antigua citizenship

As has been said before, various investment programs originated in small countries, which attracted investments in this way. So it is not surprising that Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program has been running for not the first year. The conditions for participation in it are elementary. Only adults may apply. It is necessary to confirm the legality of the receipt of funds and no criminal record.

Among the apparent pros is the ability to complete all procedures online. It saves a lot of time. Visiting the country is unnecessary to carry out all operations easily and remotely. It is convenient, especially for those who need Antigua citizenship for business or other benefits rather than permanent residence.

Since drawing up documents is well established, everything takes 3-4 months. The relatively modest size of the investment is also attractive. It is enough to invest 100,000 dollars to get the relevant document. It is worth noting that the country has two types of investments. The first involves gratuitous investment, and the second is real estate purchase. In the future, the housing can be disposed of. For example, to rent it out or sell it.

The main advantages of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program

The demand for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program is easy to explain. First of all, everything is streamlined and transparent. This country has a high approval rate for applications. Based on this, it is possible to assume that yours will be processed. Secondly, you can include family members in one application. For example, wife/husband, children, and parents. Finally, it allows everyone to move to a small state. Even if there is no need for physical migration, it will be possible to get everyone’s documents.

If talking about the main advantages of their design, it is worth not forgetting the following:

  1. A relatively small cost. An investment of $100,000 is the minimum in the world. Yes, these funds have to be given away irrevocably. However, it is still a small price to pay for the right to possess such a document.
  2. A great climate and quality service. You can see for yourself that this country is suitable not only for recreation. You can live in it for a long time. Here is a good service standard of living. And thanks to the warm climate, you can spend your time in comfort.
  3. Advantageous tax regime. For example, if you have a business in another country, in Antigua, you will not have to pay taxes. In addition, there are special conditions for the development of private enterprises. It allows you to bring your business to a qualitatively new level quickly.
  4. No need to constantly be in the country and learn the local language.
  5. Opportunity to travel freely to more than 160 countries around the world. These include the European Union, Hong Kong, and many others.

All these rights make the registration of documents in this country a good decision that will fully justify itself.

Comparison of Montenegro vs. Antigua investment programs

In comparing the two programs, there are many differences between them. And each state has its advantages. For example, in Antigua, the paperwork will cost significantly less. It is enough to be 100,000 dollars to get a residence permit. On the other hand, in Montenegro, you will have to pay 4.5 times more. In addition, the process of processing documents in a European country will take longer.

If comparing Montenegro vs. Antigua investment programs, naturally, the standard of living and business opportunities are more attractive in the EU. The country is actively developing; it is manifested in improving infrastructure and raising the standard of living. Therefore, most significant investors still choose Montenegro. These are the main differences that can be noticed between the two programs. As for the ability to travel around the world, the differences are not so fundamental. The Antigua passport allows you to travel without a visa to a more significant number of countries. However, this is not the critical selection criterion.

But the island offers more favorable conditions for starting a business. For example, this manifests in providing specific benefits and the absence of taxes.

Thus, consider what is important to you. It will allow you to decide which country is the most suitable for processing documents.

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