5 Ways to Stimulate Breast Milk Production

Breastfeeding provides several benefits for a woman and the baby. Breast milk helps the baby get all nutritional needs, fight allergies, obesity, and asthma, and defeat infections. It also protects the baby from cancer at an early age and reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Breastfeeding also helps the woman to shed their pregnancy more easily and lower the stress to boost her mood.

5 Ways to Stimulate Breast Milk Production

But, with all these benefits, breastfeeding is not always easy, and producing breast milk is a huge problem. Some of the major causes include an inadequate supply of fluid and food, high stress, fatigue, and feeding the newborn for short periods and infrequently. So, to  stimulate breast milk production, here are five top ways that might help you, if you think that the milk supply is not proper.

● Bring a nursing supplementer device.

Get a nursing supplementer device if your baby is not getting the breast milk properly and is very frustrated with breastfeeding. The nursing supplementer device includes a tube that runs through the nipple of the breasts.

The breast milk  reaches the baby’s mouth with the help of the tube.  The device allows the child to get the milk by stimulating breast milk production and thus, getting the right amount of nutrition.

● Get a breast pump

When your baby does not breastfeed and is not comfortable with drinking the breast milk, it is essential to restore the milk using a breast pump. Get a double-automatic and hospital-grade pump and use it eight to twelve times a day to stimulate the breast milk supply easily.

To have the perfect pumping session follow the tips listed below-

  • Use suction so that you do not feel any pain while pumping.
  • Massage the breast in quadrants.
  • Do not pump when the flow of breast milk is less.
  • Give time so that there is no stress.

● Use medicinal herbs

There is no official research on medicinal breastfeeding herbs, also known as galactagogues, to be used by women to increase the supply of breast milk. But, several people give positive responses to herbal medicinal therapy for stimulating breast milk production.

Here is a list of some herbal remedies that can boost the breast milk supply-

– Fennel

– Garlic

– Fenugreek

– Ginger

– Alfalfa

– Stinging nettle

– Goat’s rue

– Blessed thistle

– Milk thistle

Therefore, to get the best results, remember to stimulate the breasts by pumping or breastfeeding while using herbal galactagogues. Also, you can use breastfeeding tea solutions that are available on https://www.breastfeedingteaco.com/ that can help you boost the breast milk supply. This will keep the mother and the baby healthy and relaxed and enjoy their time together.

● Make use of prescribed medication.

To increase breast milk production and have a greater supply of breast milk, it is necessary to raise the prolactin levels. For this, one of the best-prescribed medications is Reglan or Metoclopramide, which can be taken to stimulate breast milk production.

Reglan has been used by mothers to increase breast milk production from 70% to 100%, depending on the postpartum weeks. Depression is a major side-effect of Reglan with fatigue and headaches. And, also people with a history of depression have been cautioned against the medication.

● Breastfeed whenever you can

The longer time your newborn baby breastfeeds, the more milk is produced. Look for a  lactation consultant that can help you know the best ways and breastfeeding positions to feed the baby and stimulate breast milk production.

Four major breastfeeding positions can be used by a mom to feed the baby that are listed below-

– The cross-cradle

– The side-lying

– The cradle

– The football holds

Choose the best position out of the four as breastfeeding is a method that evolves from time to time, so it is essential to stick to it and practice to become a pro. Talk to the lactation expert if any issues are found.


The process of stimulating breast milk production is not easy. It is essential to take care of the mother and the baby. Following a properly balanced diet, drinking water, and getting the right amount of rest is also necessary after you follow the five ways listed above.

Keep yourself away from the stress that affects the supply of breast milk. Take the right help from the best lactation consultant and choose the path to stimulate healthy breast milk production.

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