3 Reasons to Spruce Up Your Spaces with Photographs

Our living spaces can have a direct impact on our general health and well-being.  While too much clutter can increase our anxiety and stress, a space that is sparsely decorated and lacking any personal elements can leave us feeling lonely and even depressed. Although there are countless ways to add some life to an otherwise drab home, photographs are known to be one of the most versatile and budget-friendly decorating solutions. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider sprucing up your spaces with a selection of your favorite photographs.

They Make you Feel Loved

There is no better way to bring love into your home than by filling it with photographs of family and friends. When you are surrounded by the people you love, even only in printed form, you are bound to feel loved on a daily basis. Photos of the important people (and even animals) in our lives keep us connected to them, even if they are no longer around. Although there are many ways you can arrange your photos to make your displays as visually striking as possible, you can also simply follow your heart and display them in a manner that makes you happy.

They can Boost your Mental Health

Simply looking at beautiful photos can trigger a number of very positive emotions including nostalgia, happiness, and contentment. Photos depicting scenes from nature are known to be particularly effective at aiding in relaxation and inspiration. The reason why looking at photographs makes us feel happy is because the brain recognizes the beauty in the images and releases dopamine to produce the same good feelings we typically experience when we are in love or eat chocolate. If you want to add some style to your living spaces while boosting your mental well-being, make your photos impossible to ignore by popping them into a range of bold frames to create a focal point in any room.

They allow you to Show your Personality

Apart from making you feel loved and boosting your mood, decorating with photos can also provide you with ample opportunity to add hints of your own personality to your home. Regardless of whether you have a zen personality and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, are a die-hard romantic, or fancy yourself as a free-spirited adventure seeker, chances are good you have a stack of photos that illustrate your personality perfectly. When looking to add personality to your living areas, look beyond simply hanging your photos on the wall. Look for horizontal surfaces like mantelpieces and countertops to display your photos on and even consider having some of your favorite shots printed on fabric to make anything from scatter cushions to full-length drapes.

Photographs are a wonderful medium to help spruce up a drab living space. Decorating with photos can not only fill a space with love and boost the mental health of the residents, but can also add heaps of personality to any room in the house.