5 Marvelous Ways to Make Your Second-Hand Car Look New

If you have a second-hand car, you’d know the kind of time and labor it takes to look after it properly. You might also have to spend quite a few bucks on a repair here or there. In 2019, the number of cars bought in Australia was a whopping 1.062 million!

So you can well imagine the number of second-hand cars that are being sold and bought in this country. If you’re trying to glam up your car and make it look brand new, we have some tips right here for you!

5 Marvelous Ways to Make Your Second-Hand Car Look New

  1. Get rid of junk

This is one of the easiest ways to revamp your old car is to get rid of all the junk inside it.

Whether it’s you who kept leftover containers or bottles or the previous owner who forgot to remove the tissue box from the corner, you should give the car a thorough clean from the inside. Getting rid of clutter can instantly make your car look much more spacious and inviting.

Any item that has no use inside the car should be removed. This includes excessive amounts of napkins, newspapers, and bottles of water. Even electronic devices like charger cables, power banks, or other gadgets should be taken out.

  1. Do a deep clean

Only cleaning the clutter inside your car isn’t enough. You also have to conduct a deep-clean every six months or so to really make your car look shiny.

For deep cleaning, wash the interiors with soap and water, or use shampoo with water. If you wish, you can also clean the car using a vacuum. Make sure the soap and/or shampoo that you use is exclusively car-friendly.

Carefully and gently rub the seats, steering wheel, and other parts of the interior until the dirt and grime have come off. If you’re unsure about how to deep clean yourself, you can visit a garage or store that specializes in car washing,

  1. Purchase new air filters

Dirty air filters, if kept too long in your car, can cause exactly the opposite effect of what they’re supposed to do. If you see that your air filter has become dirty or clogged, it’s time to change it.

Therefore, make it a point to change the air filters every once in a while. This will not only improve the air conditions inside the car but also prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt that enter the car through the air vents.

There are many cabin air filters that are also washable, but make sure the ones that you have installed in your vehicle are wash-friendly. If you don’t know where to locate the filter, your car’s manual can come in handy.

  1. Wash and preserve the exterior

Coming to the exterior of the car, it’s important to wash and glam it up too. Just like cleaning the interiors with soap and shampoo, the exterior should also be cleaned properly with soap. In the case of second-hand cars especially, there can be a lot of dust, dirt, or grime caked on the corners or sides. So make sure you remove them as much as possible.

If the weather in your locality is extreme, you’ll need to conduct more frequent washes. Be sure to use a gentle soap that doesn’t affect the paint outside. If you want, you can also use a vinyl wrap to cover up tiny dents or scratches. There are many car vinyl wrap shops in Melbourne where you can go to.

  1. Invest a little

A little bit of investment in aesthetics can go a long way. Purchasing items like floor mats, seat covers, and steering wheel covers can make your car look classy and stylish.

Further, if you accidentally spill something on the seat covers, only the covers will be affected but the seats themselves will be perfectly clean. The same goes for the floor mats. You can also consider replacing the old windshield wipers with new ones to make them easier to drive.

Buy a good-quality air freshener to make your car feel even newer and better. All these little purchases will ultimately be beneficial for you and the car.

Over to you…

For a second-hand car, it is very important to maintain it. If you encounter any problems, go to a mechanic and get them solved right away. Commit yourself to the preservation and proper care so that your car continues to function well for many years.

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