7 Fun Exercises and Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Worrying about how to keep your kids engaged at home? You have come to the right place. Even though it is tempting for kids to sit and watch TV all day , they must play as well when they are staying indoors. Your kids need to engage in activities that help them stay fit and healthy. Sometimes some circumstances prevent the kids from going outside and playing. But the kids must do physical activity to remain fit and burn off excessive calories.

7 Fun Exercises and Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Here are seven fun exercises and indoor activities that will keep your children engaged back at home

1. TikTok Dances

Dancing is mood-enhancing as well as good for the body. It is also exciting and fun, and the whole family can take part in it . There are many trendy TikTok dances that people are doing these days. You can try those out with your kids. You can also make videos of the dances and keep them as memories. Also, dancing is good for both the kids and your body.

2. Maze game

If your kid is too small and still crawls around the house, the maze game is perfect for him. You can create a maze for your child with the help of various books and furniture. You can keep varying heights to make it more interesting for your kid. To make it more interesting, you can keep toys at the end of the maze so that your kid plays the  game with more interest. This game also helps in your child’s brain development as they would be using their intellect to solve the maze and reach the end to collect their toy.

3. Trampoline

You can install a trampoline for your kid at home. These days you can also buy a trampoline online. Trampoline is a good game, and kids love to jump in it. It will help keep your kid busy for most of the day. But make sure you invest in a good quality trampoline. It would help if you bought a trampoline with safety pads and safety nets. They prevent your kids from getting injured. You can place the trampoline outside on the lawn or maybe in a spare room. Ensure to install the trampoline on the leveled ground to prevent your kids from getting injuries.

4. Treasure Hunt

You can play treasure hunting with your kids. This will keep them engaged as well as this will help you in being busy. You can write clues or hints on the pieces of paper and ensure that one hint leads to another. You can keep toys or chocolates at the end of the game hidden in some treasure box. This will be an interesting and fun game for your kid. It will also help in the brain development of your kid.

5. Hide and seek

This game can be played with all the family members, and it is an exciting game. This can help your kids to stay engaged as well as have fun. The good thing is that you can also have some fun while playing this game. You can play this game indoors as well as outdoors.

6. Catch-catch

You can keep your kids engaged by playing a bowling game. You both can stay at the two ends of the house and throw the ball in order to catch it and then throw it back. This can be engaging and  interesting. If one of you drops the ball, you can make them do a push-up or skipping.

7. Push-ups

Make your child do simple push-ups. This will help in maintaining their body physique as well as will make them fit. You can accompany your child as well to make it more interesting. This will be a good exercise for both the kid as well as you.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and it helps you engage your kid for a long time back at home. Engaging your kids can be tedious if not done properly. Make sure to stay involved with them during all the indoor activities. Do let us know how you liked the activities that we’ve spoken of above.

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