7 Fun Games to Play with Your Cat
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Cats love playing, and they love it more when they are playing with their owner. When you own pets, they become a part of your family and need equal attention like any other people in your family. So, you must spend time with your cats and play with them.

Here is a list of 7 fun games you can play with your cat.

7 Fun Games to Play with Your Cat


You can buy your cats toys and play around with them. You can throw it around the room and tell them to fetch it for you. They will bring back that piece of a toy as many times as you throw. It keeps them entertained and you as well. You can buy various toys like toys that make crinkling sounds because cats love that. You can buy various and different types of toys for your cat from PETstock. They keep various types of toys for animals.


Catfishing is a very famous game and is loved by cats especially. So, if you want to spend quality time with your pet cat, this game may be the perfect one for you. You can make balls of paper or any other toy and attach them with a string. Now, what you can do is slowly pull away from that from your cat’s view and make him follow that—seeing that your cat will try to catch that toy and will lunge from this side to that as your toy does. You can also add jingles to that toy, which will get them excited for the playful mood.

Chasing lights

Cats love to chase lights; you can reflect lights on the toys and make them chase all over the house. You can reflect the lights on the walls, too, by hiding and letting your cats investigate where the light is coming from. This game will also keep you entertained and help you spend quality time with your cat. Of course, you must make sure to reflect the lights on a safe surface so that your cat doesn’t get hurt.

Playing with food

Cats love to eat, and it would be more exciting for them if you played with food. The cats love to hunt, so you can make them hunt for their food. You can make them smell and hide the food somewhere safe, so they hunt it. You can also hide their food in their toys and help them find it for themselves. It will keep them busy for a long time.

You can also do food puzzles and make your cat solve them. It would help in getting your cat a good time, and it would also help you in staying entertained. You can set food puzzles for your cat and let them eat only after they finish solving the puzzles.

Play hide and seek with your cat

This game will help get you some exercise as well as your cat. You can hide behind curtains or maybe desks and let your cat find you. Then, let your cat stalk you for a while and initially hide somewhere. This is a fantastic game which you can play indoors; you wouldn’t even need to go out to play these games.

Mobile games

Make your cat learn first how to use a phone or tablet. Then, you can install some apps where your cats can play. Or solve puzzles on the mobile with you. Like letting your cat catch the digital fish, it will keep them entertained, and you will enjoy playing this with your cat as well.

Play with a fishing rod

Let your small friend catch the dangling fishing rod. You can hang it in the air and let your cat catch it by lunging itself in the air. It will be a really funny and good thing to look at as well.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and it gives you all the information you need regarding how to spend time with your small furry friend. Remember your pets are a part of your family, and you must properly take care of them.