5 Common Car Accidents and Tips To Avoid Them

Car accidents like any other accident are not planned. It happens in a twinkle of an eye and could cost the occupants of a car their lives or lifetime injury.

If it resulted in the death or injury of the driver or loved one, there may be a need for a lawyer to get compensation and justice. Even at times when a car accident didn’t cause any human damages, the car might be damaged, prompting the need to give your insurance company a call. Owners without insurance and those who don’t have a lawyer to fight their case are likely to cover the cost of damages themselves.

According to Barnes Firm, a group of Los Angeles car accident lawyers, victims should expect three things from a genuine law firm with their best interest at heart:
● Free car accident case evaluation
● 24/7 access to the assigned attorney
● No-fee promise. Your compensation/justice should be the priority.

Meanwhile, it’s not all car accidents that are inevitable. Most can be prevented. Below are some common car accidents and tips to avoid them:

1. Collisions from behind

Collisions from behind or rear-end-collision are one of the most common car accidents. It goes the same way. It might be you who hit the car ahead or the other way around. In some scenarios, both of these could happen simultaneously.

To avoid this type of car accident:

● Don’t drink and drive: Being drunk while driving could make you misjudge the distance between you and the car ahead. The same goes for driving when feeling sleepy. You may doze off, losing awareness of the road.
● Avoid reading texts/making calls: Keep your eyes on the road. Whenever you have an urgent text or call to attend, it is advisable to pull over.
● Be focused: It is impossible not to think while driving. But it is possible to minimize and control your thoughts. Remain focused while driving. If a car ahead is driving too slow, make sure to give enough distance. If a car is getting too close from behind, use the tailgate to caution such a driver from coming too close.

2. Damage to windshield

Windshields are usually damaged by hard objects from nowhere aimed at your car. Sometimes, these objects such as rocks and stones are thrown up by other vehicles while speeding off. It can also be caused when driving along a forest path. In such a case, an animal from nowhere or fallen branches can cause this damage.
To avoid this type of car accident:
● Allow enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead to avoid your car windshield being damaged by any rock or stone they might throw up.
● If you are driving on roads between the woods, watch out for animal crossing and dry branches that may fall off the trees.

3. Pedestrian Accident

This is one of the most fatal car accidents which may result in the loss of life. Overspeeding is what usually comes to mind when this kind of accident is discussed. But, it can also be caused by low speeding in public spaces like parking lots.

To avoid this type of car accident:

● Do not over speed in pedestrian areas. Some areas have speed limits signboards, check and abide by them.
● Always watch your rear whenever you need to reverse. A driver may be stepping out of his car.


4. Cross-traffic accidents

This accident is used to describe those that occur that sections where two or more traffic cross. In cities, there are sure to be traffic lights to guide individual traffic on when to move to avoid collisions. But, there have been instances when some drivers run the red light. Driving in rural areas may be tougher as these crosses might be without traffic lights.
To avoid this type of car accident:
● Don’t contemplate running the red light no matter how much you are in a hurry.
● When the traffic light for your traffic turns green, drive and also be on the lookout for those who might intend to run the red light. A quick observation on the part of a driver could save an impending collision.
● When driving in rural areas such as during holidays, reduce speed when approaching traffic crosses to afford enough time to watch out for oncoming vehicles.

5. Lone car crash

This is common with teen’s driving. Adults with valid licenses have also been involved in accidents where the car ran off the road and hit a tree. Sometimes, the accident is caused when the driver is trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian or something and ends up in a crash instead.
To avoid this type of car accident:
● Don’t drive on ice, in the snow and the rain. If you have to, be sure to be extra careful.
● Avoid over speeding as this will help in swiftly reacting to an emergency such as sighting a pedestrian.

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