Movies to Help You with Depression

Struggling with the blues in life already? You must have had heard of retail therapy. But ever came across the term ”cinema therapy”? Well, yes, that is a thing and many people that helps you battle with severe anxiety and sometimes depression, too. Learn more about depression at Melbourne Psychologist.

This is not something we are saying, there are researches that prove this and we will discuss about that in the next section of this article.

Cinetherapy: Does It Actually Exist?

A movie can influence our perspective on life’s dilemmas in a way that no one can deny. Anyone who has experienced a shift in attitude after watching a movie can attest to that. “Cinema therapy” can even be used by therapists to encourage their patients to explore their own psyches and help facilitate the therapeutic process.

In her mostly-retired position, Professor Birgit Wolz, PhD, MFT, uses ‘cinema therapy’ with a few of her clients. She wrote reviews of some movies used in cinema therapy for therapists and developed a course for therapists. The author suggested that emotional responses to movies and characters can help clients better understand themselves in his review of Lars and the Real Girl released in 2007.

In some cases, clients respond strongly to certain movies because they resonate with their preconscious or unconscious self. A great movie might move them deeply or a character or a scene may upset them deeply. Knowing what they are feeling…can provide a window into their unconsciousness.

Now that we know this thing actually works, let us walk you through the premises of the best movies that will instantly make you feel better. At least a little.

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Below are our top 5 Picks

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey’s story, about a man with enormous dreams who is too committed to helping his community to even consider giving up his dreams, never grows old. He discovers new levels of gratitude for his town, friends, and family after being saved from suicide by a guardian angel.

The good in us and our positive influences on others are often overlooked when we are depressed. As well as demanding perfection from others, we can demand perfection from ourselves. Despite our imperfections, our lives can be beautiful and extremely valuable just as they are. We can also solve our problems by working together and quite often create opportunities for people to come together.

  1. Field of Dreams

Kevin Costner portrays Iowa corn farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner), who hears a voice telling him he will bring the Chicago Black Sox to his farm if he builds a baseball field. He does, and the Black Sox come. As a movie that illustrates the power of believing in what you believe, I am inspired to believe that if I believe I will be well, I will be.

  1. The Accidental Tourist

A travel writer named Macon Leary, who has died of grief due to the death of his son, is the film’s main character. As a travel writer who hates to travel, he shows business travelers that they can avoid hassles while traveling, even if their marriage is ruined. When we are depressed, like Macon, we often overlook the joy of the journey along the way and just focus on getting to our destination.

The good news is that Macon has a dog that is misbehaving and needs training. His trainer turns out to be Muriel, a woman who runs a kennel, and seems to know more about Macon’s character than he does. Whenever Macon travels, his travels are disrupted by the over-the-top personalities like Muriel, another disruption. Muriel’s persistent, and eventually effective struggles to connect with Macon has been largely responsible for Macon’s ability to feel again throughout the movie. There are often happy accidents on the road to recovery from depression, as well as new perspectives and ways of looking at life in general. New people may even enter your life and enhance your happiness.

  1. Rudy

One of the things I loved most about this movie was that it was filmed at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, directly across the street from Notre Dame. Aside from its messages of perseverance, courage, and conviction, I also appreciate its message of perseverance.

  1. Good Will Hunting

This film about a janitor at MIT who is brilliant but misguided will resonate with anyone looking for a sense of identity. He is helped to find direction in his life by a savvy psychologist (Robin Williams). You will love this movie for sure. Best for an instant mood lift.


Choosing the right movie when in depression can also contribute to it. However, we have made sure that does not happen to you. These movies will surely make you feel better.

Happy Streaming!

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