What is The Difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

What is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

Are you familiar with the term “Chromebook“? For those who haven’t kept up with the latest on this gadget, “Chromebook” might sound unfamiliar and odd. It’s possible that some individuals are unclear about what a Chromebook actually is. Clearly, a Chromebook isn’t the same thing as “web Chrome.” Rather, it represents a different category of laptops, distinct from the traditional laptop. Why, though, is this appliance referred to as Chrome? And how does a Chromebook differ from a Laptop? Let’s explore.

At the moment, Chromebook has its stable position in the laptop market. If you want to own one and plan to buy one, you should notice that Chromebook is different from Laptop. In other words, in some aspects, Chromebook doesn’t have enough functions as Laptop. Therefore, you may feel disappointed when you try to compare Chrome with Laptop. However, if you want to experience something new and unique, Chromebook is the device that can fit your needs. Moreover, Chromebook is cheaper than Laptop. You can even buy one for your kids since it is easy to use; and your kids surely love it much. Now, lets’ find out what the difference between Chromebook and Laptop is.

The Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

What is the difference between Chromebook and Laptop? Let’s have a look at the main factors below!


In general, Chromebook is cheaper than Laptop because of its features. The reason is that this device is designed in cost-effective way. Because Chromebook is portable, you can bring it with you to your office, school, or anywhere. It is a great solution for simple needs. In this case, Chromebook is your best selection.

Chrome OS Program:

You may be familiar with the Windows, MacOS, or Linux when using Laptop. These programs are available to be installed. On the other hand, Chromebook is not designed to be compatible with these programs. It is running with special programs of Google; Its name is Chrome OS. This is the reason why the device has its name – Chromebook. Therefore, you should give up the idea of installing any program when using Chromebook because this device is only supported with certain programs from manufacturer.

No Hard Drive:

We cannot find Hard Drive in Chromebook. Instead, Chromebook is designed with a small SSD Drive which can be installed with programs. By doing so, Chromebook is more cost-effective when comparing to other devices.

In other words, Chromebook doesn’t have Hard Drive, but it has a small SSD Drive. So how can you can store data? The purpose of using Chromebook is for Data stored in “Cloud” – Google Drive where you can keep any files on. Therefore, Chromebook doesn’t need any Hard Drive. All Data are stored in “Cloud”. It is very convenient to bring Chromebook with you when using Chromebook if you plan to complete all tasks related to official document on Google Docs.


You may find that Chromebook is running faster because everything is stored in SSD Drive. It only takes 8 seconds for Chromebook to change from “shutdown” to “Start”, and ready to use. Therefore, it will be great for those who are looking for “quick process”.

Software Limitation:

Although Chromebook is designed with most of software installation, it somehow needs some special tools to support. You can find that some programs such as Word, Photoshop, and Skype are difficult to be installed except for normal software installation. People may find that it has the disadvantage at this point because those tools are very necessary for people to use. Therefore, you may need other solution if you want to install these tools.


Some people find that they can buy Chromebook for their kids because this device is affordable. In addition, their kids can learn useful things by using this device.


Should you go with Chromebook instead of Laptop? Actually, the answer is not simple. It depends on your needs and budget. If you plan to buy one for your kids to use, you can go with Chromebook. Or if you plan to get some simple tasks done, and want to save some money, you should go with this device. The choice is yours. Some people can go for both: Chromebook and Laptop, but other people can go for one device.

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