Inspiring quotes to help you get better with money
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Struggling to make ends meet? Want to get closer to becoming financially free, but find yourself constantly worrying about expenditures and debts, or find yourself creeping along and counting down the days until payday? It might be time to take a step back, assess your finances, and think about how you could approach things differently.

To help give you some inspiration on how to get better with money, we’ve compiled a short list of inspiring quotes. Read on to find out more, and see if any of these tips resonate with you!

Inspiring quotes to help you get better with money

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” – Thomas Jefferson

To start with here’s a pretty simple one, but one that many of us could do well to remember, when envisaging all the luxuries we’re going to be getting on payday, or thinking ahead to our next holiday when it’s still only a pipe dream that’s months away. To instantly get into a better mindset with your money, don’t start thinking about what you’re going to buy as a luxury item for yourself before subtracting your monetary obligations first from your salary.

This quote also applies to having credit, and quite literally spending money that you don’t have, or ‘before you have earned it’. Of course, in the modern day, different financial strategies can be helpful and easy, but be careful not to get yourself into stupid positions, with debts or recurring payments that you didn’t need to incur, or can’t afford. If you’re struggling, perhaps consider contacting a financial advisor.


The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn” – Warren Buffet

A poignant quote from Warren Buffet, this one should inspire you to think about some of the different things that you could and should be doing in order to educate yourself more about money. From simple savings methods to elaborate investment strategies that could benefit you in the long term, it certainly doesn’t hurt to teach yourself something new!

With the internet and an abundance of free guides, courses, and tips at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to train yourself up in your spare time. RWinvest, for example, a property investment company with developments throughout the north west, offer free guides and podcasts on how to get started with property investment, things to look out for along the way, and the best sorts of statistics to look out for when delving into a property portfolio for the first time.


Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

A great point to end on, and one that we should all keep in mind, this quote highlights the fact that money shouldn’t be the primary motive in life, and you should ultimately be careful not to get carried away with something that might not bring you happiness. Sure, having a higher income or salary will allow you to do things that you may not have previously been able to do, and give you new opportunities, but it might not always push you in the right direction. Plan ahead, and draw up financial plans around what will make you and those around you happy in the long term.