Angelina Jolie Explains the Beauty of Adoption

Angelina Jolie is not only celebrated for her acting career but is also a mother. She is a parent to six children, with three of those being adopted.

Jolie loves all her children very much. She explained why she finds so much beauty in adoption in a Vogue India interview. You will be inspired by her positive and open mindset about the process.

In the interview, Jolie shared the touching story of how she decided to adopt her oldest child. She explained that it all started back in 2001 when she was in a school program in Cambodia. She said that she was playing with a small child, and right at that moment, she knew she was going to be a mom.

Jolie pointed out that she is not typically a believer in signs. However, she felt a connection that she could not ignore. She knew that her future child was waiting for her in Cambodia. This lead to her adopting Maddox.

Jolie made sure to express that she is extremely grateful for adopting her oldest son from Cambodia. She explains how adopting a child that is not related to you is a rewarding and educational experience.

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She encourages you to embrace different cultures and enjoy helping others who have different lifestyles from yours. She said that Cambodia taught her about refugees and made her feel more aware. This newfound awareness inspired her to join the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

After Jolie adopted Maddox in 2002, Jolie was so happy that she adopted a daughter as well in 2005. Her daughter is named Zahara.

She continued growing her family in 2006 when she had another child named Shiloh with Brad Pitt. She made another addition in 2007 when she adopted her son Pax. Her and Brad Pitt also had twins named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. They were born in 2008.

Jolie explained that you appreciate all your children when you are a mother. She does not favor any of her children and wants them all to feel loved. She pointed out that she will be forever thankful for the children she adopted and the children she produced biologically. She could not imagine life without her kids.

In the interview, she addressed that you should talk about adoption with a positive attitude. She made it clear that she looks at the process with optimism and joy.

She also opened up about how you can make your adopted children feel just as loved as your biological children. She pointed out that although she cannot tell her adopted children that she physically give birth to them, she tells them how much she enjoyed the process of finding them.

The interview came to an inspiring ending. Jolie explained that you should not lose sight of your adopted child’s origins. She said that you must learn from your adopted child’s world instead of just expecting the child to understand yours.

Jolie believes that you must honor and learn from your children. All of your children.

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