Bad Credit Loans vs. Well-Being of US Households in 2024

Bad Credit Loans vs. Well-Being of US Households in 2024

Access to funding services from private lenders happens to be crucial for people’s financial well-being. In 2024, most adults reported that they have a bank account and can obtain funds from the popular lending sites. However, things are still not as easy as they seem. Low-income groups still have to suffer from painful discrimination.

In 2024, borrowers minimized their personal balances. A fewer of them used their bank cards to transfer balances from one month to another. Well, some borrowers get their loan requests declined for various reasons.

Lending services remain a popular trend in the financial sector. Do they affect well-being of American citizens? Let’s try to find the answer to this question!

Unbanked and Underbanked Citizens

More than 80% of American citizens are “fully banked” In other words, they have an active balance and haven’t used the alternative funds within the last year. These can be payday loans, loans for bad credit instant approval with guaranteed approval, and so on.

Approximately 13% have a personal balance and have used alternative options. They are considered to be “underbanked” as they have tried out the funding services due to insufficient funds.

The rest of the American population doesn’t have an active balance. Less than 50% of “unbanked” citizens use alternative lending services. They simply have to do it due to financial difficulties, namely inability to cover the current expenses.

Problem of Covering Household Expenses

To gain a better understanding of household expenses, adults should know how to manage their funds. In the United States, the number of financially literate people is dramatically low. People simply don’t know how to create a monthly budget and stick to it throughout a month.

More than 25% of adults has one or more bills to cover and they are not able to do it. Please mind that an average bill has a value of $400. It doesn’t seem to be a big amount of money. Nevertheless, it may turn into a fortune if a person has a couple of such bills.

Credit Experiences

After the pandemic, bad credit loans became a huge trend. More and more people require financial support. In 2021, more approximately 30% of Americans applied for lending services In 2022, this indicator doesn’t seem to decline.

Please mind that the number of applications doesn’t indicate the number of approved loans. Americans with a bad credit score form a risk category that should prove its creditworthiness to get a positive response.

The number of applicants, who received a lower amount of money or didn’t receive anything at all, is currently estimated at 30% Considering the denial rates, consumer interest in funding services remains stable. To be precise, about 61% of Americans are “very interested” and 19% are “relatively interested” that their application is going to be approved.

The number of adults, who received a lower amount of money or didn’t receive anything at all, may change in 2024. Why? This has something to do with the growing income of average Americans. The pandemic hasn’t finished yet. Nevertheless, people have already started coming back to their pervious way of life. Most credit applicants with the income below $45,000 will hear rejections more often than applicants with the income above $90,000.

In 2024, rejected loan requests by race and ethnicity are going to be less common. So, it is a positive change that makes up the beginning of huge transformations in the sphere of lending services. They will definitely bring a positive impact on the overall well-being of American citizens.

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