Weight Loss: What are your Options for Success

Unfortunately, willpower alone isn’t a way that most people are able to lose weight and keep it off long term. This is because it’s always going to run out eventually; as determined as you are when you start out, over time, being in a constant state of ‘trying’ is exhausting. It’s why so many people yo-yo diet and go through cycles of weight gain and weight loss. It simply isn’t a case of them not being motivated enough, or not having enough willpower. It’s because exhaustion is just not a state of mind we can live in for long periods.


People who are naturally slim tend to have different psychology around eating and food. Their appetites tend to be smaller, they’re more satisfied and satiated with smaller portions and aren’t motivated by food in the same way as many people who struggle with their weight are. This means that they can maintain their size very easily without any willpower being involved at all. If you’re overweight and look at your slim friends wondering how on earth they stay so small and you can’t, this is the reason why. Your mind and body is wired up differently to theirs, and although it’s certainly not impossible to reach your goals, it’s without a doubt harder for some people than it is for others. But no need to fret, this day in age there are ways you can level the playing field and give yourself a much better chance of success, compared with willpower and dieting alone. Here are some options.


Hypnosis/ Therapy

Are you overweight because you have psychological issues with food? Problems like binge eating disorder, secret eating and eating past the point where you know you’re full tend to stem back to things that have happened in the past. Did you experience food restriction as a child? This could be due to poverty and not being able to afford food, or because you were deemed a ‘chubby child’ and put on diets by well-meaning family members. If this sounds like you, or you have any other psychological fixations on food or eating, then therapy can be helpful. Unpicking the causes and working through these things can enable you to have a much better relationship with your body and diet going forward.


Anti Obesity Drugs

Is it your appetite that’s the issue with your weight? Even if you don’t have any psychological issues that you’re aware of, you might just enjoy eating. Some people are naturally food oriented and enjoy eating, different flavours and the general experience of food. If you love to eat large portions and find that you’re a hungry person then keeping the weight off is going to be an issue. Anti obesity drugs such as appetite suppressants can be really useful in this case, there are some fantastic safe and legal varieties on the market these days. Do some research and see if they could be right for you, click here for some more info.


Weight Loss Surgery

The most drastic form of intervention is weight loss surgery, this can be life saving in people who eat to excess for whatever reason. There are a number of types of weight loss surgery these days from gastric band to gastric sleeve to gastric balloons and much more. What will work best for you and what you’re eligible for depends on your health and BMI, but is something to look into if you’ve tried other methods and aren’t sure what to do next.

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