Thank You Golden 1

On Tuesday, I got a notification that The Wish List Project had been selected to use the Community Suite at the Golden 1 Center for the Sunday Marvel Universe LIVE Show. What an incredible opportunity for the kids! They provided us with free tickets, parking, snacks, and drinks for anyone I could bring on short notice – just four and a half days. No problem at all! I quickly began to call, text, and email, offering this amazing opportunity to our alumni, board members, or supporters who responded first. In total, 12 kids and 5 adults joined in, driving in four cars to the stadium to enjoy the Suite Life, all thanks to the #Golden1Gives Program.
For those who have had the pleasure of experiencing an event from a Golden 1 Arena Suite before, you know the level of luxury involved. You get VIP access, an elevator that takes you straight to the Suite Level, and the warm welcome from staff assigned to your suite who take care of everything you need. Unbelievable! This taste of luxury was truly something special.
We took several photos to commemorate our special excursion and to show our appreciation to our generous hosts before heading back to our normal lives, our faces beaming with happiness.

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