How To Achieve Something in Smaller Steps

Micro Habits: Progress incrementally towards your objectives at online casino. Micro Habits consist of minor daily actions that edge us nearer to our aspirations, eliminating the stress of achievement. Discover the method for effective application of this strategy.

Statistics prove what many of us have already experienced ourselves: The good resolutions we make at the turn of the year usually only last a few weeks or months. This is often because we simply take on too much. But the good news is: You can achieve your goals even if you only do a little bit at a time.

Micro Habits are tiny steps we can incorporate into our daily lives to move forward. One of the biggest mistakes with good intentions is the high standards we set for ourselves. Suddenly, good intentions seem like an unconquerable mountain and we give up. How about climbing one small hill at a time instead?


With the Micro Habits approach, you should be able to achieve a desired result (eating a more balanced diet, exercising more, zero waste, etc.) with as little effort as possible. Micro Habits represent small but regular patterns of behavior in everyday life that gradually bring you to your goal. In this way, they differ from an approach that seeks to achieve goals through drastic immediate action. 


Your goal is to finally exercise more. Jogging, cycling, gym, weight training, you would like to lift 150 kilograms and run ten kilometers right away? That can’t work. Start small and start with Micro Habits: For example, do ten push-ups every day, take the stairs every time instead of the elevator, walk distances instead of driving. Over time, you’ll manage more and more push-ups and soon you’ll be able to jog ten kilometers.

The Micro Habits method isn’t about reaching a specific goal at a specific time or getting the most out of your daily routine. Micro Habits guide you in tiny steps to make a change or introduce new habits. Micro Habits are designed to increase your awareness of change and make it easier to incorporate small changes into your day. 

You can also not only build new habits, but also drop the ones that aren’t good for your environment or your wallet. Find out which habits are making you poorer here: 10 Unsustainable Habits That Cost You Money Needlessly.

A similar concept to Micro Habits is the 1% method, also known as the Atomic Habits approach. However, you link the formation of new habits to a specific trigger, such as a fixed time of day or a previous activity.

It might look like this:

I will read in my bedroom for half an hour every evening at twenty o’clock.

I will do ten push-ups every morning after brushing my teeth.

Read another Utopia article to learn more about the 1% method and how it can help you live better.

Less is more: How to implement the approach correctly

With Micro Habits, you focus your attention on small daily rituals that do you good and motivate you to make long-term changes to your lifestyle, diet, or consumption. The main point is to define the steps as small as possible so that they don’t seem like insurmountable obstacles. 

For example, you can resolve to consciously take several deep breaths in and out twice a day. You can do this at any time, preferably when you notice tension in your body. With this small habit you can already integrate more mindfulness and deceleration into your everyday life without having to do much. 

Basically, it is recommended to become aware of your current habits. Based on this, you can then consider what changes you would like to make and how Micro Habits can help. 

For example, do you notice that you are generally rather unhappy? Then you can make positive affirmations a Micro Habit. These activate the reward center and the area for self-reflection in our brain. As you repeat them, they solidify and become more real to you. Don’t feel attractive? Smile to yourself in the mirror every morning and remind yourself that you are beautiful. You can read about which positive affirmations work and how you can integrate them into your everyday life here: Positive Affirmations: How to help yourself gain motivation and self-confidence.

Another micro habit could help you with your media consumption. Too much time on your smartphone affects your brain. However, strict digital detox can be scary. First, try spending ten minutes less on your screen each day. Not only will your head thank you, but so will your eyes. Find out which digital habits are making us dumber here: These 8 habits make us dumber.

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