Milestone Birthday Gift for When You Want to Make That Year Count

Milestone Birthday Gift for When You Want to Make That Year Count

According to our maths, a lot of the Millennials of the world have started turning 30 this century. As horrifying as that is, it means Gen Z are right behind with their teens and the important 21 milestone hitting soon. That’s a lot of important birthdays that will need something more than a caterpillar cake to celebrate. If you’re out of ideas, take a look at our suggestions for unique and unusual gifts that your loved ones are guaranteed to love.

An experience

Giving your loved one something they will never forget starts with the immaterial. If you are looking to give them something that won’t end up at the back of the cupboard, gathering dust, you should think about the things that would get your special someone’s heart racing.

You can tap into that and give your loved one an experience they will never forget. That starts with thinking about what kind of person your loved one is. Do they like to keep active and like challenges? Look into a new sport they don’t usually have access to, like rock climbing or wild swimming. If they are half mermaid, consider taking them snorkelling or water skiing.

On the other hand, if they are the artsy type, consider something they’ve never tried before. A lot of arts and crafts take materials that can be pricey to dip your toe into, so you can give them a class in them. Think along the lines of pottery or photography.

Some memories

The most valuable thing to us all is our memories, but these days they are entirely locked in our phones. We have lost the annual family get together that inevitably results in your mom heading into the cupboard for her photo album and instead are practicing our poses for strangers. But there isn’t any chat there. We don’t get to laugh at the photobomber we had to crop out of the photo, or the hilarious thing that happened while we were in that tourist spot.

What’s going to solve that problem? A physical photo book. Create Google photo books by uploading all your favourite photos from your phone and keeping them forever in a book that you can pull out whenever you want a trip down memory lane. Fill it with the best bits of your relationship, or the hilariously worst moments of college, or any other moment that you hold dear.

A break

In the days of hustle culture, we all need a break. The world is so fast-paced, it sometimes feels impossible to keep up with. We all need a break, in whatever form that can come in.

If you don’t have the funds for a month in Barbados, consider a staycation. Head to a city hotel and enjoy a great date night on the town, or head into the wilderness for a cabin in the woods with a roaring fire nearby.

Or even if the person receiving the gift can’t get away, consider a facial or a massage. An hour in the spa can rejuvenate you for weeks to come.