Opportunity Leads To Success

We recently took part in #GivingTuesday, a movement of charitable giving which helps others through the gift of time, donations, goods or your voice. As the day began, I thought a lot about why people contribute on Giving Tuesday, which in turn caused me to reflect on why I joined The Wish List Project.   Growing up I had the opportunity to attend a private school, a luxury that many of my neighbors were not afforded. As time progressed, I began to realize the difference that education in my youth made on my life, especially when compared with my childhood friends. I contribute much of my success now to proper education and believe passionately that all children should get the opportunity that I had. A small difference when a child is young makes a large difference as they mature, and it has the potential to lead them down a different path in life. With the help of our generous donors, I firmly believe we can make an immense and lasting impact on our community’s youth that will reshape their future as well as ours.