5 Tips for a Successful Business Move

Whether you are changing premises to welcome new employees, to set up a new branch, or to go to a permanent site, a move is an important stage in the life of a company. It must be planned several months in advance.

This organization will have to include the anticipation of the various costs and quotes to be requested. You have to find out the best moving date. You also need to anticipate the questions from your employees and customers to help them accept this new project. In this short guide, you’ll find out some vital tips for a successful move. 

Tips For a Successful Business Move

Plan in advance 

The larger your workforce, the further in advance you will need to plan. For a small team of 10 people or less, you will have to plan two to three months in advance. Meanwhile, for a company of more than 200/300 employees, you will have to plan 6 months to a year.

You can appoint a manager in each team who will be the main contact between you and the employees regarding this project and its progress.

Design a plan for the move

The secret to every successful business move is a well-prepared plan! This will allow you to list all the steps to be taken, which is vital so that you don’t forget anything. Some of the things you will plan for include:

  • service providers;
  • plan for new offices
  • distribution of spaces for each department.

As mentioned above, some employees may be resistant to changing offices. Sharing plans and photos of future offices with them will allow them to project themselves into their new offices.

Carry out all the administrative procedures

Some professional leases include 6 months’ notice of departure for a company. Remember to consult your lease contract at the start of your moving project so as not to be taken aback. 

Also, you will need to find out from your insurance companies, and your various suppliers (Internet, telephony, electricity, security equipment, etc.) about their policy for moving lines, to know how to organize yourself to transfer the contracts to your new address.

Contact moving services 

A business move represents a significant cost, especially a long distance move. For example, moving from New York to Miami costs around $3500 to $5000 for businesses. 

But you should contact your mover for a quote. It, therefore, requires a budget so as not to create a hole in your annual budget and impact your activity. 

Organize the layout of new premises 

If it is important to prepare a layout plan and a plan of the future offices, it is so that you do not find yourself lost when you arrive in the new premises. 

Make sure that each employee takes note of each of their boxes. They can do this by writing down their name, department, and the floor of their new workstation to facilitate the work of the movers.

Finally, don’t forget the old offices! You should clean or renovate your old premises if needed. 

Don’t forget to inform your customers, service providers, and business partners of your change of address and from what date it will be effective.


Preparing for a move for a business is a step that requires preparation and organization. Follow our 5 tips and you’d be able to best prepare for and successfully actualize your moving project. 

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