5 Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Cosmetic procedures have traditionally been popular with females. However, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more and more men are coming forward now for them. In 2016 alone, more than 1.3 million men in the United States alone went for cosmetic treatments. They have become even more popular lately, thanks to the lifting of the social stigma about them.

Top cosmetic procedures for men

Men are asking for many of them, from removing facial wrinkles, to minimizing the fine lines, removing unwanted hair and body fat… there are many cosmetic procedures for men that are available now. Men don’t have to live with the signs of aging, deal with hair loss, fat growth, or acne breakouts anymore. According to the Manhattan, NYC, based byoulaserclinic.com, the cosmetic procedures for men are safe and extremely effective. They are also FDA-approved, which is one big reason why they have become so popular in recent times.

So, what are the top cosmetic procedures for men? There are quite a few to choose from depending on the problem you want to solve and the body part you want to treat.

Here is a list of the most common cosmetic procedures for men –

1. Body Sculpting

Body sculpting, also popularly known as body contouring, is a popular treatment to remove belly fat for men. It can also tighten skin and shape several area of your body. It is effective even after all your weight loss efforts, such as dieting and exercising has failed. The ideal candidates are those who have stubborn fat pockets and have become resistant to exercise and diet change. Ideally, your Body Mass Index (BMI) should not be more than 30.

The procedure is based on the following principles –

● Cryolipolysis – Cold temperature is applied for targeting and destroying the fat cells.
● Laser lipolysis – A non-surgical process that uses controlled laser energy for targeting the fat cells.
● Radiofrequency lipolysis – This uses ultrasound and heating technology to achieve the same result.

There is also truSculpt® iD, which is a non-invasive body sculpting platform that can provide results in as little as 15 minutes. They are all popular non invasive cosmetic procedures for men.

2. Injectable Treatments

Botox - popular cosmetic procedures for men

There are two types of injectable treatments, one that uses dermal fillers that erase the wrinkles and improve facial features, and the other that uses the botulinum toxin A that will relax your facial muscles, which are responsible for causing the fine lines. The botulinum toxin A is most effective for the frown lines and Crow’s feet. The soft tissue fillers work quickly and provide a smoother and youthful appearance.

Neurotoxin Injections, and products like Botox and Kybella, have become very popular cosmetic procedures for men. For example, 40% of the clients who are asking for the FDA-approved Kybella are now males. However, remember, just one session may not be enough. You will probably have to go for follow-up sessions.

3. Hair Growth

Hair growth for men - nonsurgical cosmetic procedures

Hair loss is a common problem both with men and women. 95% of all instances of hair loss occur because of genetics or heredity. In the rest of the population, it happens from an illness, medication, stress, or diet.

For example, drugs for treating high blood pressure, depression, gout, heart problems, and chemotherapy can all cause hair loss. A fungal infection like ringworm on the scalp can also lead to hair loss.

There are oral and topical drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride that can reverse the condition. Many top cosmetic procedures for men can also achieve the same results, and in many instances, they are very effective too. Hair replacement processes like slit grafting, micro-grafting, and punch grafting can treat permanent hair loss and initiate new growth.

4. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure in the America society to remove unwanted hair from the body. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it is now one of the five most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The process uses highly concentrated light that targets the hair follicles and prevent the growth of body hair.

Laser hair removal offers many benefits –

● It is precise. Lasers can target coarse and dark hair and leave the surrounding skin and tissues undamaged.
● The process is speedy. The laser pulses only take a fraction of a second. It won’t even take a minute to treat the small areas. Large arras like the legs or back may take an hour.
● Laser hair removal works all over the body, even the face.

Laser hair removal for men - before and after

This is surely one of the best cosmetic procedures for men. There are many great specials for gay and transgender people as well.

5. Acne Treatment

There are many skin procedures for men that can help treat acne and remove its signs on the face like acne scars. To get the best result, guys should combine laser skin resurfacing with other cosmetic treatments because the effects of acne may stay on for a long time, even after the pimples have gone. A good treatment plan will also smooth the skin texture and improve the production of collagen.

Fraxel® Dual is a non-invasive laser, which combines two wavelengths to treat pigmentation close to the skin surface and also the deeper tissue damages. There are other procedures too like Genius® and Infini®.

There are a lot of cosmetic treatments available now. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is done by a board-certified practitioners.

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