The bike rack

The bike rack, an ideal solution for transporting your bike by car

It’s feasible to rent a bicycle practically anywhere you travel, yet numerous biking aficionados prefer to use their own. Truly, there’s no comparison to the experience of riding your own bicycle wherever you go. That’s exactly why investing in a bike rack is a smart idea. Discover all the essentials about this accessory in the article below!

What is a bike rack?

The bike rack

Economical, fast and practical, the bicycle is becoming a means of transport most appreciated by many people. This is why many organizations offer on-site bicycle rental services.

However, most travelers prefer to use their own bicycle. There is no shortage of means of transport to take your bike with you, but the least expensive is the use of a bicycle rack.

It is a piece of equipment that is mounted on the vehicle hitch, on its roof or also on the boot depending on the model. Depending on the structure of this equipment, it can carry one, two or more bicycles.

What about the accessories needed to transport your bike by car?

In addition to the bicycle rack, a number of accessories are required to transport your bicycle by car. For bikes that do not have a horizontal bar, such as mountain bikes, it is necessary to purchase an adapter.

The latter is placed between the seat post and the stem to facilitate the fixing of the bicycle on the bicycle carrier. Then, to put the odds on its side, it is advisable to buy straps to properly maintain the bikes. These accessories can also be used to hold a cover on the bike carrier.

Then, in order to ensure the safety of the bicycles in the event of a stop on motorway service areas, it is necessary to equip them with an adequate anti-theft device. In addition, if the installation of the bicycle carrier impedes the visibility of the license plate and the rear lights, it is important to acquire a signaling ramp combining the number and rear lights.

Precautions when using a bicycle carrier

To ensure a smooth ride, all motorists who transport bicycles, regardless of the type, are required to follow a few safety guidelines. Before setting off on the road, it is necessary to make sure that the bicycles are properly installed.

Beforehand, it is necessary to check the load-bearing capacity of the equipment and it is very important to respect the maximum authorized load. This is to guarantee the durability of the bike carrier, but also to prevent possible accidents.

During the journey, it is necessary to repeatedly check the bicycle attachments. You should also be very attentive to the slightest noise or questionable movement. If necessary, stop to check.

Where to buy this equipment?

Two options are available to cyclists to purchase a bicycle carrier. In fact, they can first place their order on the online sales site. In this case, it is always recommended to trust reputable traders. Due to the proliferation of scams, it has become very difficult to distinguish a reliable product.

Purchasing from recognized resellers secures your investment. Secondly, the physical stores. For people who prefer to touch and see the equipment with their own eyes before any purchase, it is necessary to go there.

To put the odds on its side, it is wise to head to specialist bicycle accessories stores, whose reputation is well established. Last tip: you have to plan a budget of 50 to 150 euros to buy a bike rack according to the desired model.

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