How to Choose a Road Bike ?

How to choose a good road bike

The frame material

The material used to construct the frame plays a critical role as it essentially acts as the bicycle’s foundation, linking the saddle, wheels, and pedals together. Therefore, choosing a sturdy material is advisable to prevent any unwelcome incidents. Manufacturers typically utilize two materials for this purpose: aluminum and carbon fibers.

Aluminum is renowned for its strength, lightness, and rigidity. Most entry-level or mid-range road bikes have an aluminum frame. Carbon fibers, on the other hand, are much lighter and better absorb shocks. They offer excellent transmission capacity and more speed. It is usually the bikes of professional riders that are equipped with a carbon fiber frame.

The wheels

Wheels also deserve special attention, as they are among the most important parts of a racing bike. It’s mainly about their weight, rotation, and design. Weight influences braking and acceleration capacity; lighter wheels are therefore recommended. In terms of design, you should favor the deeper rims. In fact, the deeper they are, the more rigid and aerodynamic the wheels will be.


There are four types of racing bikes, namely road bikes, Gravel, cyclocross and triathlon. The road bike is designed to ride on bitumen, perfect for speed enthusiasts.

Gravel is more pleasant to drive, the shape of its frame is less extreme than that of road bikes. It offers a more upright riding position and is more stable thanks to the large wheelbase and wider tires. Gravel is a clever mix of road bikes and cyclocross. The latter is also halfway between a road bike and an ATV. It can roll on all types of surfaces.

The triathlon bike, meanwhile, is a road bike but more aerodynamic. It is distinguished by its straight hanger, its frame with aggressive geometry and its deeper rims with fewer spokes.


Various parameters must be taken into account, including the frequency of your outings, if you plan to use the bike for leisure or for a competition if you usually ride on the flat or in the mountains …

Comfort is to be preferred for occasional practice and for leisure, including an aluminum frame, an ergonomic saddle, a flat hanger and a good length stem. On the other hand, for regular use and for competition, aerodynamics and lightness are essential. A carbon fiber frame is more suitable because it is light, rigid and comfortable, as well as quality wheels. Transmission must also be taken into account.

If you plan to ride in the mountains, a double or triple crankset with a large cassette at the back is recommended. You will have more speed and you will be able to climb more easily in the passes.

Why buy a good road bike
Keeps you fit

Cycling is good for your health. It is a complete sport that works the muscles of the thighs, legs, arms, back, etc. About two-thirds of the muscles are used. The practice of this discipline is good for the breath, the cardiovascular system and the tension. It improves endurance and keeps you fit.

Allows to de-stress

Pedaling promotes venous return and blood circulation, but also improves flexibility, coordination and balance. By practicing a racing bike, your sleep will be improved, which will naturally allow you to de-stress.

You can also explore beautiful landscapes while breathing in fresh air. What more to fight against stress and depression?

Lose weight

Road or racing cycling is an excellent alternative for losing weight and refining your figure. You will burn more calories, including at rest. This is the result of increased muscle mass and basic metabolism.

In addition, you will no longer have to bear the sensation of heavy legs, because the pedaling movement improves venous circulation in the lower limbs. It will also remove cellulite.

Follow the assembly instructions carefully.

You can save money by buying your road bike online, but most (not all) require mounting which can be quite complex on arrival. Follow the instructions carefully and do not rush. It is also worth watching online help videos. It’s usually a simple, do-it-yourself job, but it’s okay to ask a friend to lend you a hand. After all, don’t we say that two heads are better than one?

Make yourself comfortable on your bike.

There are a few basic guidelines that can apply to all drivers looking to ride in comfort and avoid injury. An optimal seat height can be obtained by placing the heel on the pedal at the point furthest from it. Your leg should be straight, so when you pedal, there is a slight crease. You also need a slight bend in your elbows – you know the range is just right when the front wheel of the hub disappears from view under the handlebars when riding.

Aim for a rate of 70 to 90 revolutions per minute.

Experts tell us that it is better to maintain a high pedaling speed (cadence) in a lower speed than to make a maximum effort in a high speed. The first will allow you to ride faster and longer. The latter drains energy quickly.

Invest in cycling shorts for long hikes.

The rather thin seats of thin road bikes can seem uncomfortable. If you’re not used to road bikes, it will take time to get used to them, but you will soon not notice the seat. More comfortable alternatives may seem attractive, but they are of no use for long journeys. If you’re going for miles, what’s the difference is a pair of padded bike shorts where you need them.

Join a cycling club.

It is always good to be able to interact and ask advice from knowledgeable peers. Hence the interest of going to a good cycling club, where you can chat with bike lovers like you. They will be able to help you with technical questions, to resolve mechanical or routing difficulties.

Used products to consider

Not everyone can afford to buy new products. In addition, some second-hand products offer a particularly attractive price / quality ratio. To help you identify the opportunities to look for or seize, below are some products that are either sold out or replaced by newer versions, but which are always worth it. They can be a good alternative if you can find them at a good price.

fabric bike

Made from steel, the FabricBike is a very robust bike. The steel frame and fork provide a lot of resistance to the bike, whatever its use. Black and white in color, it has a nice design. Double-walled aluminum rims add to the aesthetics of the material. The headset with earphones provides the user with a ride lulled by good music.

Sizes S 49, M 53 and L 58 are available for runners measuring less than 166 cm, between 166 and 180 cm, or more than 180 cm. The double-pivot brake guarantees a safe and effective braking system. True single speed, it is less physically demanding for its user. Competitors can reach a speed of 45 km / h, or even more easily with this bike.

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